What do You Think of All the Online Slot Themes That We Would Like to See!

In spite of numerous slot machine games floating around the internet, there are some concepts which are still to be created. Here are some short-listed slot machine game concepts which we can only wait for till its inception.

What Do You Think of These Themes for Upcoming Slot Games?

Donald Trump

The current President of the United States has displayed a bit of a circus in his leadership so far. There is always something controversial to look forward to from his Twitter administration. It would be great to have a slot machine game filled with some this comedy. There could be a Fake News feature and some Grab ‘Em By The P*ssy giveaways.
A feature where when can break bricks on the Mexican border to get free spins would be great too.

America’s Next Top Model

This show had been a craze on television for a very long time. A slot machine with this theme could become a favorite amongst the ladies, just like the television show. Past winners and participants can be placed on the slot machine as reels and prizes given based on their rank on the show. The judges Tyra, Miss J. Alexander, and Nigel Barker could be bonuses for the players.

Grand Theft Auto

This computer game series has been a massive hit among the gamers ever since its launch in 1997. It’s the 4th largest selling computer game after Mario Bros, Tetris and Pokemon. There could be infinite possibilities if it was turned into a slot machine game. The characters can be a part of the slot machine reel, whereas the editions of game like Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas can be some bonus rounds.

The Rolling Stones

If WMS can launch a Kiss slot and NetEnt can release a Guns ‘n’ Roses slot, why can’t The Rolling Stones launch their own slot machine too? Music band themed slot machines have always been a hit amongst the audience. The game can have its own music too.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has become a brand of her own. If Britney Spears can have own slot machine, so can Taylor Swift. Players can activate a cash win if they match her songs to her ex-boyfriends. The women can enjoy the songs, men can enjoy the visuals, either way it can be appealing to both.

Casino Royale

This re-boot of the legendary James Bond movies was a great success. There are Bond themed slot machines already, and a Casino Royale concept for a slot machine was just be natural evolution. A slot machine full of Aston Martins, Bond girls and Martinis (shaken, not stirred) would be just amazing.

Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire has been one of HBO’s finest shows. It projects gambling as a prominent theme and hence, a slot machine based on this show would be great. Imagine having James Darmody, Margaret Thompson, Nelson Van Alden, Arnold Rothstein, and “Chalky” White on your slot machine reels. Atlantic City can be a part of bonus features.

Star Wars Episode VII

At one point, Star Wars themed slot machines were a craze, however, Disney discontinued them to maintain its reputation as a family-friendly franchise. But having bonus features based on Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Yoda and would be incredible. Imagine if you could use a light sabre as an interactive feature.

Do you have any suggestions for some other themes besides the one mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below.

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