Tips to Play Keno Slot Machines

Keno is a very popular gambling game found in casinos, and very often placed adjacent to the slot machines. An interesting fact about this game is that it is based upon a game that was played in China thousands of years ago. You are also bound to find Keno games on online casinos because there is great demand for them. You can easily pick out the Keno machines in a casino because of their bright digital displays that look just like slot machines (just look at a Tiki Island slot game) and also because of the people standing in front of them, eagerly hoping for a win!

Play KenoOne reason why Keno is so popular with gamblers is that it is extremely simple to play. There really isn’t any technique to this game since all it consists of is picking certain numbers and hoping that they match the numbers that are selected by the machine. As a matter of fact, Keno is not very different from a lottery. The numbers displayed during each game are selected by a Random Number Generator which ensures that they are picked entirely by chance and that there is nothing you can do to make any particular numbers appear.

The other reason for this game’s popularity is its huge prizes. In fact, it is very much like slots and lotteries in that you can win really big amounts of money for a small wager of £1 or less.

The steps to play Keno are as follows:

  • Feed your money into the Keno machine and choose a denomination of your wager. Its best to choose an amount that won’t exhaust your bankroll very soon so that you can have quite a few goes at the machine.
  • Next, choose your lucky numbers. Most machines permit you to choose a minimum of 2 numbers and a maximum of 12 numbers from the options available on the screen. Most Keno games offer 80 different numbers to choose from and you are required to tap on the ones you want to select. In case you wish to change your choice before you submit the numbers then you can tap on the numbers twice to remove your selection. You can get a bigger prize depending on how many numbers you get right.
  • Once you have made your final selection then you can hit the play button. The computer will do its job and display numbers that have been selected at random. In case you get a match then the money you win will be added to your account.
  • In case you want to keep playing with the same numbers over and over again then you just have to press the play button after each game. There is also an erase option in case you want to feed in new numbers.

Keno is not a fast paced game and as such it is perfect for when you want to relax after an exciting gambling session. You can play small amounts of money on every game in order to make your session last for as long as possible.

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