Tiki Island Slot and Expectations from Casino Games and Online Gambling in 2016

It is not surprising to notice that with each and every passing year, online gambling is gaining more and more popularity. And this is not only in the case of online casino games, but sports betting as well. More and more people are making the shift from land-based casinos to online casinos, which is promising. The online gambling industry is also becoming one of the most profitable ventures in the market as of now. In the year 2015, online gambling really soared in terms of attracting more customers and investors to games like Tiki Island slot. Many new casinos were launched and more games were introduced. Several countries changed their laws and made online gambling legal. Some did it because of pressure from the people and some did it to generate more revenue.

Online Gambling in 2016

New Online Casinos Will Be Created

Well, if 2015 was a great year for gambling enthusiasts, 2016 will prove to be even bigger and better. With new casinos being opened up across the world and more people joining in the bandwagon; it seems like a party throughout the year. Now, the competition in the online gambling world has increased exponentially and different companies in the market are trying extremely hard to stay at the top and serve their customers better. Since this is happening, the games are being made keeping the customer’s needs in mind, which is a positive step. Hence, this will become a boon for gamers who play online because now not only will they get better service, but more options as well.

Mobile Popularity Will Continue to Grow

Last year, online gaming captured the Internet and many people played on their computers. Now, most of the casinos have started an app of their casino which you can download, and play games on it as well. This is a smart move since everyone owns a smartphone. Many casinos have now implemented that option and in 2016, you will notice that all the games can be played with the click of your mobile phone only.

The Rise of Bitcoin Casinos

This trend was noticed in 2015 where the casinos that offered the Bitcoin in online casinos have become more popular. If this is effectively organised as a banking option then more people will be comfortable using it. Currently there are just few Bitcoin casinos operating such as Vegas Casinos and Bit Casino. But, in this new year, we will be expecting more of them.

More Countries and States Will Seek to Regulate Online Gambling

Europe has always been fairly lenient when it comes to online gambling. But come 2016 and more and more countries are making the laws more flexible. In the EU, the European Commission oversees the gambling operations in all the countries. Even in the US, the government has allowed online gambling to be organised at the state level. There are more and more states that are looking at legalising online gambling rather than banning it. It has several benefits, the biggest is the revenue that the government will generate with the gambling operations.

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