The Scatter Symbols of Tiki Island Slot!

Slot aficionados’ joys know no bounds when they see the scatter symbol on their video screen. There is, of course, nothing to be surprised by this as scatter symbols means big loot to the players. The appearance of these icons ring in a flow of money straightaway! In a few instances, scatter symbols lead to activation of new bonus games as well. Casino players, thus, end up with double delight as they get to play additional games and drench themselves in entertainment, while also giving scope to earn more by winning the games.

Scatter SymbolsThe Scatter Symbol Features

While all other symbols lined up in the spinning reels of a slot machine are assigned particular niches, scatter symbol is independent of such regulation. Irrespective of where the scatter symbol appears the players will gain. Further, the more number of scatter symbol mean that the earnings are bigger. Another salient feature of the scatter symbol is that wild symbols cannot replace them. Generally, the scatter symbols appear only in slot games with five or more reels.

Learn About What is in Store from the Scatter Symbols

To know if the slot game has a scatter symbol or not, the players can check the paytable of the slot game. Another advantage of going through the paytable is that it gives the players complete insight about how the winnings are calculated for scatter symbols. Details about when the player is eligible for bonus games and when the players are directly becoming eligible for casino money can be seen on the paytable.

Scatter and Gain

When the scatter symbols appear on a few specific reels, the player becomes eligible for a bonus game. And when the scatter symbol appears on a few other reels the players become eligible for bonus money. Thus, even though it is not necessary for the scatter symbol to appear in specific positions, the payout differs as per the position where the scatter symbols appear. Since casino games are not played only for entertainment, but also for making some useful money, gains made rather effortlessly in slot games are also one of the reasons for the huge popularity of slot games.

Representation of Scatter Symbols in Online Slots

To make it interesting and colourful, game developers have designed the scatter symbols aligning with the theme of the slot game. Thus, in the Tiki Island slot game, which is based on the Pacific island theme, the scatter symbol is depicted as Spears and Shield. Additional scatter icons provided in the Tiki Island slot include the Puffer Fish Bonus and Coconut Bonus symbols. Hence, things, which one associates with an island, are brought out as imaginative scatter symbols in the slot game.

Astonishing Effects of Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols, along with wild symbols have made the online casino slot games very exciting. The excitement provided is not borne out only through the visuals, but also by the amount of money scatter symbols offer. When a scatter bet is won, winning amount is calculated by multiplying not only the line bet, but also by multiplying the overall bet, which adds up to a staggering amount.

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