The Polish Government Decides to Revamp the Country’s Gambling Laws

The Polish Government has decided to revamp the laws of gambling in the country. The Government has decided to include online slots games like Tiki Island slot in its portfolio. This will come as a huge relief for the local players and will cheer up the bigger players in the space. While this will cheer the gambling community, nothing has changed for the local licensed players. The long expected tax break for the locally operating casinos is nowhere to be seen.

Last week, the Finance Minister of Poland expressed the country’s interest to break free the online gambling players. The only condition attached to this is that the gambling companies needs to stick to the responsible gambling norms in order to protect players’ interest and who wish to play casino games like Tiki Island slot.

The Ministry of Finance also mentioned in a statement that the land based gambling establishments would be monitored and regulated by a government body to ensure they are kept under control. The reason cited for such a move was that these casinos are extremely addictive and if not monitored, they can be harmful for regular punters.

The new legislation will also loosen the strong restriction that was previously imposed on poker. Previously only the land based casinos could host poker and there was strict restriction on other mediums. The new legislation will ensure that poker can be played at home as well as public establishments. What’s more, the online betting companies would now be able to offer poker in their portfolio with the responsible gambling norms in place.

The Polish Government will track existing IP to ensure that companies who stick to the regulatory compliance get an edge over those foreign players who doesn’t stick to compliance. The Finance Minister said that the Government will impose heavy penalties if any company is found guilty of license fraud or not sticking to regulatory compliance.

While the new changes brought a ray of hope for the online gambling players, the existing players are still stuck at a 12 percent tax bracket which is on the higher side. Many European countries have friendlier policies to encourage land based casinos and their online counterparts. According to sources the legislation could levy up to 20 percent. 10 percent from the revenue collected will go to the Olympic Association. 3 percent from here will go to the gambling addiction support groups. While these are high tax brackets, the permission to go public without restriction will easily make up the tax worry.

Poland changed its mind about the present regime of online gambling due to a court ruling in Italy where the judge ruled that online gambling cannot be restricted citing Criminal law. Italy allows its players to participate in any gaming portals across the world as long as the gambling company sticks to responsible gambling norms.

The Ministry revealed that few improvements and revisions have been suggested in the present legislation. The changes have been sent to the respective departments of the Government and the same should come back by the year end. Poland is hopeful that the new legislation could take effect from the first day of January 2017.

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