The Increasing Element of Online Gambling In Video Games, Much Like Tiki Island Slot

Granblue Fantasy, the very popular Japanese role-playing video game (JRPG) has landed in a severe controversy. The New Year 2016 has certainly not proved a happy one for the game. It is true that video games disputes are very common in the gambling world but the issues between publishers and the consumers never involve online poker. However, the case is a bit different here. The aspects of misleading advertising and online gambling that revolves around the JRPG are much similar to Internet Poker.

Increasing Element of Online GamblingThe Gacha System

The Gacha system has originated from the vending machines that are operated by coins. In these types of machines, all you need to do is to put in some cash, turn down the lever and then reveal the action figure or toy in the plastic bubble. The operators of these machines have been able to captivate the attention of more and more punters by offering just fewer models of prizes in the machines.

Since players are excited to win that rare accessory in the plastic bubble, they tend to spend huge amounts of money. No doubt, there are very low chances of winning that super rare toy but if you are lucky enough then the risk factor can bring in a giant surprise for you. The Gacha system has become popular in social media games and player love spending real money to get that super toy.

Overview of the Granblue Scandal

In the initial days of the year 2016, the players were offered an opportunity to unlock ‘Antilla’, the infamous character of Granblue. With this, other characters, Beatrice and Justes could also be unlocked with real money. According to the reports, the odds of unlocking Antilla were only about 10 percent, which means that one in hundred could receive the card.

However, this opportunity landed the game in troubles, as players came up with number of complaints. In fact, one of the Japanese players spent about 700,000 Japanese Yen in the quest of Antilla. Therefore, it is clear that social gaming community is much similar to that of online poker. The consumers actually became the victims of a misleading advertising, which is considered the fraud.

Element of Gambling in Social Games

To retain the attention of existing players and attract hundred others, the video game providers have added an element of gambling into it. They have introduced the system of percentage chance to obtain the item by spending in the real money. As a result, the Granblue scandal is much linked to online poker and has landed in disputes. However, video games offer the feature of role-playing, which other games do not offer. On the other hand, online poker will have to look out for some great ways to compete with the social games and introduce the feature of role-playing.

Therefore, video games have walked much ahead of online poker. Nonetheless, online poker has to take steps to add versatility to the games to become popular across the internet.

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