The Idea of Anthropomorphising Slot Machines and its Impact

Casino gaming has become the most preferred pastime for many people in the world. It is due to obvious reasons like easy money making, rewards and an array of gaming options. However, the real secret behind increasing number of casino fans is the humanlike features of these slot machines. Recent studies have revealed that slot machines like Tiki Island attract more players when they possess humanlike properties. The scientists who tailor engaging machine systems like assistive robots for elder people have welcomed the result of this study with open arms. No doubt, the news has proved to be a boon for the gambling industry too!

Anthropomorphising Slot MachinesAnthropomorphism Behaviour

Anthropomorphism is a term that refers to the behaviour of ascribing human characteristics to non-human things. All people share this tendency of anthropomorphising objects as though they have emotions, intentions and consciousness. For instance, anthropomorphising flying branches during a storm or falling rocks is a basic concept that can be beneficial. Even treating upcoming animals as though they want to kill is an example of anthropomorphising.

While talking about technology, Apple and Google come first in the mind. Even these companies have focused on inculcating humanlike features in their systems. For example, the GPS service, Google Maps makes the users more engaged with its pleasant female voice. Therefore, it is true that human beings tend to trust things that are more engaging instead of relying on some spiritless software.

A Study on Gambling

The researchers at the University of Milano-Bicocca consider anthropomorphising harmless. However, they have made it clear that it can have a negative impact in certain conditions. Sometimes players tend to communicate with the slot machines and consider them real humans. Such expressions sometimes insult and attribute feelings to the devices, which is not good. The researchers are still trying to determine whether humanising a slot machine attracts more people or not.

Until now, four studies have been conducted on the same subject. In these studies, people were exposed to both anthropomorphic and non-anthropomorphic slot machines. The results showed that people were more engaged with anthropomorphic machines and found them more interesting. Furthermore, the researchers acknowledged the fact that people are more inclined to fight or play with a mind and not with the machine that runs mathematically. In fact, anthropomorphising slot machines increased emotional arousal in the people, which led them to play for longer and bear higher losses.

Any Scary Implications?

With its benefits, anthropomorphising machines can have negative impact on the people too. Development of more alluring gambling slot machines can affect people and their families both psychologically and financially. Human beings with less noble intentions can use such strategy to acquire personal details of people and misuse it. For instance, weaponised robots may be successful in engaging their target and gaining their trust.

Therefore, it is significant for scientists and the gambling industry to make the slot machines interactive, but only to a limited extent. A little smartness with intelligence is necessary while tailoring such technology-driven devices.

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