The Fascinating Bonus Features of Tiki Island Slot

Tiki Island is a slot game with 20 pay lines and five reels. The player can activate an additional pay line every time they add a coin. The Pacific Island theme forms the backdrop for Tiki Island slot. A game prize of £100,000 is up for grabs if you’re lucky enough!

Tiki Island slot provides the pleasure of testing one’s luck by playing two mind-blowing bonus feature games. One is the Tiki Island Nuts where one needs to knock off coconuts filled with cash off the blocks. The other game is the Puffer Fish Bonus where one has to burst one of the three puffer fishes for cash. The level of excitement keeps rising as one takes an imaginary cruise to the exotic locale of Tiki Island.

Let’s take a look at the two bonus features that Tiki Island slot offers its players.

The Puffer Fish Bonus Feature

Puffer Fish and Tiki Island Nuts Bonus FeaturesThe Puffer Fish Bonus scatter symbol is a key symbol featured in this slot. It appears only on first, second and third reels. In order to effect winning combinations, these scatter symbols can be scattered anywhere randomly on these three reels, however, the underlying condition is you need a minimum of three Puffer Fish Bonus scatter symbols to appear on an active line to activate the bonus round.

The Tiki Island Logo cannot be used as a substitute for the Puffer Fish symbol and the Puffer Fish Bonus Feature game cannot be activated by the Tiki Island Logo. Following the activation of the Puffer Fish Bonus game, one can win big money by entering the sea. For every round played, the player gets to choose from three different coloured puffer fish. If the player selects a fish that has coins, then they will be showered by coins by the fish. However, one needs to note that the Puffer Fish Bonus feature ends if a puffer fish doesn’t have any coins.

The Tiki Island Nuts Bonus Feature

Puffer Fish and Tiki Island Nuts Bonus Features 1The Coconut Bonus scatter symbol is responsible for this bonus round. It appears only on the third, fourth and fifth reels. Like the Puffer Fish scatter symbol, this symbol also will activate a bonus round called the Tiki Island Nuts provided three Coconut Bonus symbols are scattered anywhere on the three reels.

The Tiki Island Nuts Bonus Feature screen will feature nine coconuts. To play this feature, players need to go on selecting the coconuts to reveal the hidden prizes. The coconuts will explode following their selection and reveal either Bonus Prize or Collect. If Bonus Prize is revealed, then the player is awarded a bonus amount in additional to another shot at selecting a coconut. The bonus amount that the player wins is added to a Bonus Meter.

If a coconut reveals Collect, then two credits are added to the Bonus Meter for every coconut that is intact. This also means that this bonus round comes to an end. Hence, the total on the Bonus Meter is awarded to the players. After the completion of the Tiki Island Bonus feature game, the player is returned to the regular Tiki Island slot game and the win total is updated with the Bonus Prize game wins.

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