The Dead Escape Slot by Habanero Received Some Rave Reviews

Habanero is testing slot players to liberate the on-screen zombie attacks with their recent slot release, The Dead Escape. The gaming supplier built the newest slot game to acquire the creative minds of horror film admirers. Habanero has been working hard on this novel online slot that guarantees to lift the hackles on the back of your neck and make you go to sleep with the lights on. The Dead Escape is a post-fateful slot based on zombies that appear completely ferocious.

Features of The Dead Escape Slot

There are tinges of The Walking Dead to this frightening slot game, which depicts the experiences of a father and a daughter as they try to subsist as best as they can in an isolated wilderness. This barren wasteland is occupied with blood-sucking zombies as well as filthy beasts. The slot game offers both ways wins, signifying payouts pay from right to left and left to right across the 30 pay lines.

The visuals of Habanero’s terrifying fresh slot are a feast. The graphics of the slot game contains symbols such as a hand pushing through the mud and a background that contains chain link railing, razor wire, skulls and dangerous warning marks.

The 30 pay line slot game appears as a standard in the making due to the pre-feature compelling series. These driving sequences display ruthless zombies springing up the windscreen. Habanero has attempted something distinct with this slot game and you will jump out of your seats when you practice The Dead Escape.

Innovative Bonus Games

The slot game appears like being a blood-drowned fright-fiesta from beginning to last and surely is not suitable for delicate-hearted players. But, it is an apt slot game for nervy players. These players will discover a lot to please them, as The Dead Escape is stuffed with murderous attributes as well as creative bonus games.

Free Spin Bonus Feature

The slot game offers a free spin bonus feature. It provides 15 free spins as a segment of this feature that will view the father and daughter gang up to fight against the raging zombie swarms while gaining huge payouts. These 15 free games will be granted when you spin 3 or more scatters.

Slot Games of Habanero

The slot games of Habanero, which are presently over 70, are not usually this scary as this is a developer whose slot games contain the likes of Panda Panda, Fire Rooster, and Bird of Thunder. There is no sweetness or refinements to be discovered in The Dead Escape although, which will go up against slot games like Microgaming’s 243 way Lost Vegas, which is featured in a post-prophetic association where the ghosts wander around gaming corridors as well as casino resorts of Nevada.

The reports of the launch of The Dead Escape slot reached in the same week when the world has been weeping the death of famous filmmaker George A Romero. The filmmaker’s Night of the Living Dead films motivated a complete generation of zombie-consumed directors as well as the persons who watch such films. The impact of work by George A Romero can still be sensed in games like The Dead Escape slot.

From the Officials at Habanero…

Toni Karapetrov, Head of Corporate Communications at Habanero, stated that The Dead Escape slot is among their most exciting games from the catalogue of games produced by the corporation, with players spinning their way to protect from the zombie intrusion. The bloody graphics, as well as spine-shivering sounds, will let the players stay on a knife-end. This slot game is certain to offer a severe gaming practice.

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