The Changing Gambling Scenario in Sweden

Sweden is today facing the issues with online gambling sites. Unlike earlier, the government has changed its course of action and has decided to censor all the gambling sites. Sweden’s Christian Democrats in the earlier years made serious attempts to encourage gambling and make the gambling market much more competitive. This minority party in the center-right coalition government strongly supported the gambling market in the year 2012.

Gambling Scenario in SwedenOverview of the Swedish Gambling Case

The same decision is now seems to be altered with the emergence of the new government. According to the new government, the gambling legislations must be reformed and it should provide the opportunities to other international operators as well. It is true that all the gambling companies that are out of the Swedish gambling monopoly, today has the larger portion of the gambling market. These companies hold the larger share when compared to the traditional monopoly. In the year 2014, it was clearly seen that the European Commission did not hear the requests of Swedish commission. As a result, the same issue was forwarded to the Court of Justice of the European Union.

EU’s Final Words on the Matter

The commission has finally declared that the organization of the Swedish exclusive right system is not up to the mark. The system for sports betting is organized in an inconsistent manner, according to the commission. It has been developed with the motive of fulfilling public policy objectives and does not involve the necessary state control. Since years, the plan to make alterations in the Swedish gambling laws and making them in line with the EU laws has only remained in the papers. It has not been implemented until date. Had the modifications in the laws done, Swedish laws would have not faced so much polemics.

The Present Scenario

In the current year 2016, the news by Bahnhof has changed the entire scenarios of gambling. Bahnhof is one of the most reputed and popular internet service providers in Sweden and has explained that Swedish government will not allow any unauthorized online gambling operator to offer any kind of its services to the players of Sweden. Yes, no illegal company will now be able to open itself online and make players sign up at their website. It will now be all banned.


After so many arguments and discussions, the final take has not yet arrived. It is expected that the real change in the gambling environment of Sweden will be seen only by March 2017. However, it is sure that until 2017, the government is going to be very strict with the unauthorized gambling operators and will shun them completely. The Bahnhof Chief Executive Officer has shown his great concern over the Sweden’s government attempt to avoid illegal operators. He supports the move and remarks that the government should keep on trying different types of gambling monitoring until it reaches the best one. The punters of Sweden are waiting eagerly to witness more changes in the gambling world.

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