The Best Software Companies for Online Slot Games

Visitors to casinos find it very hard to resist the pull of slot games. These noisy and colourful games always have a crowd of people trying their luck because they are extremely easy to play. Land based casinos place these slot machines at locations where they can be seen by other gamblers. It’s pretty much the same thing in an online casino where the lion’s share of revenues comes from online slot games. In fact, online casinos feature a very wide range of slot games because this is a sure shot way to attract customers and also get them to keep coming back for more. Unlike old fashioned ‘one arm bandits’, these games have exciting themes, fabulous graphics and sound effects to match. The prizes available from online slots are also very attractive when compared to the ones offered at land based casinos.

Best Software CompaniesThere are a few companies that specialize in making high quality slot games, and their games have immense fan followings within the gaming community. These companies are:

Net Entertainment

Popularly known as NetEnt, this company develops gaming software in-house, mostly using Java which means that the games can be played very easily. Java is available for free download and therefore it is a popular option for online games. NetEnt has made more than 50 immensely popular games so far. These games are notable for their high quality graphics and sound quality. Slot games from NetEnt also have fabulous and innovative themes that add very much to their overall appeal. NetEnt slot games tend to come with many different options for language support, which enables them to be played in many countries all over the world. This is an important feature since gambling is popular all over the world.


One of the most innovative companies in the gaming software manufacture business, Betsoft has come up with games that have changed the gaming experience tremendously. This company has pioneered the use of 3D technology for slot games as well as many interactive features. In fact, online gamers have now come to expect high quality gaming thanks to the quality and graphics of Betsoft games. The company also makes games with extremely interesting themes.

Sheriff Gaming

A relative newcomer to the gaming software industry, this company has released 25-odd fabulous 3D games in the last year alone. The company also runs some highly interesting progressive jackpots by linking games to a network of other games. These progressive games are unusual in that you don’t have to wager a whole lot of money in order to qualify for the jackpot.

It’s important to know which games are made by these gaming software manufacturers so that you can play them. You’ll love the enhanced gaming experience offered that includes not just excellent production values but also enhanced interaction with the game. As a matter of fact, people who love gambling online choose a casino to play on based upon which company has provided it with software. This is why many casinos feature games from more than one manufacturer.

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