The Arguments and Claims to Cease the Expansion of Gambling

According to Joan Mell, the attorney for the Amusement Device Operators, people love pushing buttons at casinos, hear bells and whistles. The players are attracted to the flashing lights of the game. However, a handful of state legislators of Washington are seeing red in these bright flashing lights.

The Claim Against the State

The organisation of Joan Mell has recently filed a claim of $15 million against the state, according to media reports. The claim has been filed, as the legislators consider that the latest devices in the Lakewood casinos and their multiplication in the state is just an act of expansion of gambling. In addition to this, Mell also remarks that it is important to review a decision that has already been made.

In last July, the State Gambling Commission gave permission to the slot machines. As a result, 400 machines have developed until date and are expanding with each passing day. However, some lawmakers are now planning to do the weeding of these machines. In the words of House Minority Floor Leader J.T. Wilcox and House Majority Leader Pat Sullivan, every necessary action is being taken to pull back the rapid expansion of gambling.

It has come as a surprise that $15 million claim has been filed for backing out on what already exists. In the year 2004, the Entertainment Industry Association (EIC) pushed for the enforcement of slot machine bill, which later took the form of Initiative 892. Under this initiative, it was decided that 19,000 slot machines were placed in the non-tribal casinos, bowling alleys, taverns and restaurants. these machines will be placed in the entire state of Washington.

Reintroduction of Slot Machines

Dolores Chiechi, executive director of the Recreational Gaming Association (RGA) of Washington and the very popular Sister to Maria mentioned in the year 2008 that the reintroduction of the slot machines has remained only in the minds. This simply means that the intention of reintroducing slot machines in order to make non-tribal casinos capable to competing with the tribes has not been implemented practically. On the other hand, representatives of the RGA stated in the same year that the wagering limit should be increased and more players must be allowed per table. It is true that earlier in the year 2003, the commission denied baccarat considering it as the expansion of gambling.

The Bottom Line

In 2009, many speakers were in favor of the slot machines in the public hearing held on House Bill 2162. Lakewood City Council Candidate, Jason Whalen; Lakewood City Mayor, Doug Richardson, Lakewood Businessman, Ted Wier and Lakewood Chamber President Linda Smith were some of the representatives that were in favor of the matter. At this time, Chiechi did not support it all but three years later he has now asked for limiting the number of scratch ticket machines. He has asked for the same, as he fears that gambling will expand in the coming years. However, the proponents still believe that slot machines are a game of skill.

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