The 3 Simple Rules of Playing Slots Online

For an average gambler the market is full of options. There is poker, there is roulette and then there are slot machines. The variations on these basic games have created completely new kind of games altogether. Like in poker there is a seven card stud, Texas Hold’em and Blackjack.

Tiki Island slots are the most likely picked choice for a lot of players because they are the easiest to play and are cheap.  The rules of the game are pretty simple too.

3 Simple RulesIn fact, there are only three rules that need to be adhered to and then you are on your way:

#1-Put Some Money on the Table

The traditional slot machine will require you to just insert some coins. You get to decide the highest bet you are willing to make and the same will be deducted from your account.

#2-Click and Go!

Click to press the button and get the reels to spin.

#3-Sit Still and Cross Your Fingers

This step is probably the most difficult and you wait, hope and pray to win.

And that is all! This might as well be the easiest game in the world to play, as long as you have a bag full of coins at your disposal. Although there is a catch to this as well for the trick is to understand how to pay lines. Lines look different in every game since there are so many ways you can dress up a slot machine. Most of them have three to five reels displaying some fruit or bars or numbers.

The pay table will tell you what every image stands for. The cherry stands for something the bar stands for something. The pay table will have the cross sign (x) against all symbols to indicate the number of times you will win over your initial bet. So 100x against an apple symbol, for example will mean you will win hundred time your bet if the slot draws apples.

This is pretty much all the information you need when it comes to playing Tiki Island slots online. Apart from this there are terms like bet per line, bet max, hold and all lines are simple to understand. By Bet max means the player will bet the maximum bet that is possible on the machine. When you bet all lines, you are betting on all the pay lines on the machine. When you are picking your own lines to make a bet on you’re making bet per line.

Apart from this the only thing that you need to keep in mind while playing is to not play mindlessly. Sure slots and great fun and require zero skill to ace, but it is with games like these that the participant has a tendency to get carried away. When you’re playing a single game, the coin as a bet seems like a small amount, but in truth no one actually ever ends up playing just one game when it comes to slots.

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