Sphinx 3D – The Newest Slot in the Casino World

All those casino lovers who have been eagerly waiting for a 3D display technology game will be glad with this new game. Sphinx 3D has been recently added to the product line of True3D. This game is a part of new generation slot machines and is sure to captivate the attention of player across the globe. Sphinx is based on the Egyptian theme and has very attractive features.Sphinx 3D

The Game’s Advanced Technology

SeeFront, a German engineering firm that uses a unique technology, has designed Sphinx. This technology is termed as ‘Autostereoscopic Technology’, which can detect the player’s position with the help of integrated eye-tracking system. Through this latest technology, the screen automatically adjusts itself according to the position of the player. Thus, if you are the one who has a habit of jumping through their seats will not find any issues with the screen. The screen will adjust irrespective of the angle at which you are positioned. At all times, you will get complete clarity of the screen and access to it.

About Sphinx 3D

While talking about Sphinx 3D, it is a 5-reel game with 30 pay lines. It is an ideal game for all those who love action-based games. It offers the maximum of seven bonuses out of which, two bonuses are a part of the base game. If you want to trigger that Sphinx bonus selection then you are required to hit the three Sphinx symbols present in the base game. As you keep on increasing the size of your bets, the selection of the bonuses also increases.

The game has perfect audio quality and themed side panels to offer the unique casino gaming experience to the players. The cabinet of the game has been designed with GTECH AXXIS technology and it aims at providing full comfort to the players and engages them well into the 3D visuals of the game. Not only this, you will also get the opportunity to customize the interface of the game.

Further, the game involves the most advanced touch screen technology and high-resolution button panel. The best part is that this True 3D is captured on a big LCD screen, which is further placed beneath the 39 inches CD cabinet. This cabinet is of full HD resolution, which attracts the players to the casino floor. For a comfortable seating, an ergonomically multimedia chair has been designed for the players with rumble and sound-focused effects.

The Bottom Line

The interest of the new generation is increasing towards the casino gaming but they are let down by the older technology of the games. To keep their interest intact, the casinos are constantly coming up with newer technologies like Sphinx 3D. The game was opened for the players for the first time in Tropicana Casino and Resort Casino present in Atlantic City. Until date, the game has received a great response from the players and is expected to allure more in the future.  Thus, you should surely try this game if you have not played it yet.

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