Privacy Policy

Below you are going to find all of the information regarding the privacy policy that we have in place here on the and as such we invite you to read through this privacy policy.

Information That We Collect from Your Visit

By visiting our website you will find a cookie being placed onto your computer which is done via your web browser, that cookie will enable us to identify you have visited this website and will also allow us to present to you on any additional visit you make more targeted information that you may be looking for.

Also the server we use on this website has tracking software which gives us basic statistical information on our website visitors and how they use this website. As such we will be able to tell which country or which area of any country you have visited and also give us information in regards to what parts of this website you have visited on one or more visits to it.

We then collate that information and use it to offer additional news stories and articles that we realise that our website visitors are actively seeking out, you will therefore find that by visiting this website more and more you will also come across additional guides, articles and news stories that may be of great interest to you so do keep checking back.

Information Supplied to Us and How We Use It

The only way we will be able to collect personal information from you is if you supply us with it when signing up to use any part of this website or when signing up for our newsletters. By doing so we will store you personal information securely and it will only be used for the purpose in which you supplied it to us.

Advertisements and Third Party Websites

The third party websites and any additional websites we list and link to are not operated by us and as such when you visit them you need to understand that we cannot be held responsible for any content displayed on those websites.

However, each website you will find mentioned or see linked into this website will have their own terms and conditions and privacy policy for using those sites and as such we would recommend that when visiting any third party website you check through and read the privacy policies in place on those sites and any terms and conditions.