Norwegian Casumo Casino Player Gets Lucky With Mega Fortune Dreams Slot

A Norwegian woman residing in the picturesque town of Larvik got the surprise of her life when she won a jackpot at Casumo Casino. The lady, who prefers to keep her identity hidden for obvious reasons, was playing Mega Fortune Dreams slot game when she landed the huge prize worth £65,000. Interestingly, she won the jackpot on a spin costing a mere 40p. The casino points out that this win has one of the highest ratios to the wager amount, making the winner an especially lucky person.

Winner Resides in Larvik, a Tiny Town in Norwegia

Needless to say, the win has intrigued everyone in Larvik, a tiny Norwegian town that is best known for its tourist attractions connected with its Viking history and also with explorer Thor Heyerdahl. It has no more than 45,000 residents and nothing very exciting every happens here. It is worth pointing out that the jackpot amount comes to slightly more than £1 per resident of the town.

The lucky winner hasn’t yet decided what she will do with her windfall. She leads a very modest life in Larvik, as is the practice here, and works part time. She indicated that she would most likely save the money for a rainy day instead of splurging it on things she doesn’t really need. However, she also added that she and her spouse intended to go on a nice vacation during which they would stay at hotels they had previously admired.

A £65k jackpot isn’t really very big by the standards of other recent wins at Casumo Casino. However, it is certainly far beyond the expectations of this Norwegian player. Incidentally, she isn’t a regular slots player, but had signed up at the casino just prior to her big win. She had initially tried her luck at Starburst Slots where she won a small amount of money but moved on to Mega Fortune Dreams to see if her good fortune could give her a bigger win. It’s safe to say that she benefited from beginner’s luck this time around!

The Mega Fortune Dreams Slot Jackpot

Strangely enough, the lucky lady wasn’t even aware that the Mega Fortune Dreams slot game had a big jackpot until she actually won it. Her spouse hadn’t known that she had signed up at a gambling site, and was stunned that she had won some money. He sat down in shock when he heard the size of her win. What’s more, he feared that had lost a lot of money instead of winning it! In fact, it took him quite a bit of time to believe that she had won money.

Mega Fortune Dreams is one of the most popular games at Net Entertainment on account of its progressive jackpots. This slot game has 20 pay lines. It has a fabulous bonus feature that consists of a maximum 12 free spins along with a 2x multiplier. This is a medium variance game, and with an RTP of 96%, it can be counted on to give wins on a regular basis. Its available on a great many online casinos have given its immense popularity and the wide reach of the Net Entertainment network.

This has certainly been a life-changing win for the Norwegian woman, but it is certainly not the largest one to come out of Casumo Casino which has a good track record when it comes to jackpots. In fact, the casino had two big wins in April this year.

A customer at the casino scooped up £5.7 million playing Mega Fortune and another person won £1 million at Mega Fortune Dreams during that month. It’s only a question of time before another person gets lucky at this popular casino!

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