Monopoly Bring the House Down Slot is the Latest Addition by Barcrest

The latest addition to Barcrest’s extensive slot collection makes its way in the market, called Monopoly bring the house down. Like the other slot games in the franchise that have become really popular, this game too features special bonuses for its players.

The game has a total of 5 reels that spin to form a winning combination for the player, spread across 40 pay lines, divided into four rows. The player has an option to bet as low as 10p per spin or go all in at once with £500. The game is compatible across all platforms and hence can be played on a tablet, mobile and/or a desktop.

The slot also features an additional feature known as ‘Big Bet’, that gives the player a series of five spins that are linked to a specific price.

Hot Zone in Monopoly Bring the House Down Slot

Just like the original game in the series, high-value icons include the classic dog of monopoly, car, cat, and ship, whereas the low-value icons include playing card of different values, such as 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace.

For those who are familiar with the classic monopoly board game will soon realise as the game progresses, that there are a number of features that enhance the main gameplay experience and this slot is no different from the actual board game. With each spin, the player can see a pattern of wilds, which is known as the Hot Zone, appear while the reels are spinning and if the player is lucky enough, it might just land on his reels. There is an upgrade available for the hot zone, that can be transformed into a hotel, that will add a multiplier value to the amount that is won by the player to a maximum of 5 times.

Additional Features in Monopoly Bring the House Down Slot

The Hot Zone is not the only feature in the slot game that stands out. The game also consists of a ‘free spins’ feature, that gets enabled when 3 monopoly icons appear on the first, third and fifth reel together during a spin.

The game also consists of three additional bonuses as follows:

Bonus Drop

When the player gets Hot Zone pattern out of the reels this is rewarded to the player. The Hot Zone will then appear on the reels in an attempt to get wilds and multiplier wilds.

Chance Card

These play a crucial role in the slot game, just like in the board game. The player has to pick one of three cards, in an attempt to reveal the Hot Zone pattern, that then gets dropped at random.

Bonus Select

Once this feature gets enabled, the Hot Zone pattern will fall on the reels at random. The player then gets three seconds to keep or discard the pattern.

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The Final Verdict

Very few people would argue about the popularity of the original Monopoly board game, which is still one of the best-selling games of all time. While Monopoly Bring the House Down slot may not exactly match the benchmark set by the original game, it still highlights most of the interesting features of the original game in a digital format, such as the famous icons and chance cards.

Aesthetically the game looks brilliant and the gameplay is entertaining. The RTP of this game is 98.1% which is fairly decent for an online slot game. Although, the game could be a little confusing to play for the first time, especially for players who have not played the original Monopoly board game, you can still get familiar with a few rounds of it.

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