Mobile Technology Transforms Online Gambling Industry

The online gambling industry has proven to be extremely successful because gamers wholeheartedly embraced the idea of using the internet for gambling. While land based casinos no doubt retain their appeal based upon glitz, glamour and sociability, internet based casinos were able to attract large numbers of customers who preferred its convenience, usability and anonymity. However, this industry is undergoing a huge change at the present time on account of technological advances in the mobile industry. It is fair to say that mobile gaming is the biggest thing that the gambling industry has seen.

Internet based gambling is no doubt very convenient but the beauty of mobile gaming is that they can now gamble even when they are on the move. Gamblers can now play a few games or place a couple of bets when they are commuting to work or waiting at the dentist office!

Some online casinos have been quicker than others to identify this new trend in the industry and they have, in consequence, been able to reap major rewards. Only those casinos which invested in the right software to make their sites compatible with mobile devices were able to attract customers. It is interesting to note that even the leading online casinos did not pay much attention to mobile gaming and therefore did not have the right kind of platforms that would be geared to meet the changed demands of the industry.

Changing Needs Of The Online Gambling Industry

The shift in demand for mobile gaming from just online gaming means that companies have had to use new gaming platforms. The smaller screen size of mobile devices means that mobile gaming sites need to have homepages where information is easy to obtain. Furthermore, each game should load quickly and play without any interruptions. Players are quite capable of exiting a casino entirely if they feel that the site is not responsive enough.

Games Being Developed

The first gambling option to be made available on mobile devices was Bingo, perhaps on account of its relative simplicity, but this was quickly followed by slots and scratch offs. There hasn’t been much success at converting Poker to mobile devices because this is a very sophisticated game with many different components to be displayed on the small screen. Furthermore, younger players prefer to play games that have the features of video games.

Mobile games are primarily developed for Android and iOS since these are the leading operating systems worldwide for mobile phones. Today, companies that specialize in developing software for mobile devices have a head start over other companies since they find it easier to enter into strategic tie ups with online gambling sites. There is an immense amount of competition in this field and companies cannot afford to miss out on opportunities to increase their market share.

It is safe to say that mobile gaming will completely dominate the gambling industry within a very short time. Therefore, one gets to see an ever increasing number of sites making the change.

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