Gambling Addiction and Its Impact on Professional Athletes

With the rising trend of casino gambling, its addiction is also elevating. According to the media reports, it has become a severe problem for the British football club. Yes, the performance of the football players has degraded due to their gambling addiction. It has been seen that the interest of the players in gambling has increased over the years leading to serious impact on the whole team. In order to defend their gambling investments, these players tend to play in different manners, which do not lead to a strong team.

Efforts of Port Vale FC Manager in Battling Gambling Addiction

It is true that the managers are doing their every possible bit to create the winning teams but it is impossible until the players are over with their gambling addiction. When it comes to Port Vale FC manager, Michael Brown, he has been striving towards creating a team with positive spirit and with energy to fetch more wins. He is doing this by boosting the morale of the players and educating them about the importance of a powerful team. The manager is on a mission to build a team that is recognized as the strongest and the winning team of the entire league.

Increased Gambling Addiction Among Players

Many football managers are like Brown are working hard to build strong teams but the gambling addiction of the players ruin the entire plan leaving the team in the middle of nowhere. The reports reveal that many of these players have themselves confessed that they are addicted to playing high stake poker before they go for the football match. It has been seen that their performance worsens when they lose at the gambling tables.

Many players accept while others conceal their gambling addiction to avoid any troubles. The ones who accept have also revealed that their performance does get affected badly when they suffer from gambling losses. The players who place the highest bets constitute the category of the under-performing ones. Such players not only let down their team but also show a bad physical performance.

In 2014, a study was performed that showed around 6% of 350 cricket and football players were addicted to gambling. Since this percentage is actually higher, it poses to be a serious problem for the gaming clubs and for the managers to deal with it.

Growing Popularity of Online Gambling Leads to Gambling Addiction

After the online casinos have been introduced, the popularity of gambling market has increased like anything. Many players that were earlier reluctant to go to a land-based casino signup at an online casino today to enjoy various casino games. Right from the millennial to the aged ones, these online casinos have captivated the attention of one and all with their exciting promotional offers and bonus deals. As a result of this, professional athletes are also attracted to these casinos and tend to develop an addiction to it.

True that many players have become problem gamblers but there are others who play responsibly. The responsible players tend to make the best of the online casino sites like PlayOJO and earn well. It is a UK based casino that offers a variety of casino games from the different developers. The casino has become popular among the UK players with its easy policies, better bonuses, excellent customer support and safe banking options.

The Bottom Line

The gambling addiction among the professional players has reached to a level where it will take a considerable time to get cured. It is true that the teams will be able to perform better only after the players have overcome their gambling addiction and are determined to play in the best way for their team.

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