Free Market Online Casinos Gives PlayNow Tough Competition

PlayNow is an online casino that is jointly run by Manitoba and the British Council. When you log onto their website, you can neither figure out any details relating to banking or even about the payout percentages. Usually this information is presented on the homepage of any website as it is considered to be crucial. There are several factors that one needs to take into consideration before deciding upon a suitable online casino to play in. One of the most important and crucial aspects is the payout percentage, and should be available on the website of the online casino. The player should not have to find it on the website, rather it should be available freely and openly. One of the casinos that is amazing in this regard is the All Slots Casino, they make this information public on their homepage so that you can make your gaming decisions in a more orderly fashion.

Even if you post a query or complaint regarding the aspect that the payout percentage is not available, there is no response or even the urge to solve this issue. The fact that there is immense competition in the online gaming industry, one can clearly overlook these small details and switch to another website that is offering better services. Hence, when PlayNow did not really adhere to the standard to making their banking operations and other details available, it gave the wrong impression and over the period of time discourages people to play on the website.

Banking details

On further inspection, you will eventually find a link at the end of the website that says that all transactions that will happen on the website is safe and secure. Apart from this, there was basic information with respect to your privacy settings. These details were placed in a section called account security. There were some other points mentioned which made sense such as not opening suspicious emails and also having different passwords for all your accounts.

Is it really safe to gamble at PlayNow

PlayNow mostly encourages people to use debit and credit cards. Overall there is a lack of knowledge on the website so it might seem suspicious to many people. Depositing and withdrawing money is fairly simple but one does wonder if it will get lost in transit. On the contrary, a casino that follows a free market principle usually has more than 20 options to withdraw and deposit money. On the other hand, the casinos that are controlled and operated by the government usually offer a little less.

Well, if you are gambling from Manitoba or British Columbia, you have to take a note of the fact that the government can keep a track of your transactions. They can ascertain how much you have played with because of something called as the financial trail that traces how much has been spent from your credit or debit card.

Privacy should be the top most priority

In more and more regions, online gambling is receiving a lot of flak. Hence, when this happens external authorities try to intervene and make the functioning more complicated.

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