ESSA on a Mission to Kick Out Illegal Betting Operators

ESSA, a very popular not for profit organisation has always remained focused on safeguarding the sports integrity and providing players with a secure playing environment. In an interview, Khalid Ali, the Secretary General of the organisation commented on the organisation’s steps to protect the same. Ali remarked that the project in this direction has achieved another milestone in the progress of collaboration between different stakeholders.

These stakeholders are aimed at picking out the criminals and others who are running these gaming activities illegally. Ali further added that a responsible gaming operator always promotes legal gambling activities. Such operators always want the sports environment to be free of any manipulations and they are ready to do anything in order to achieve that.

ESSA Reports

ESSA follows a two-tiered system. In its first phase, it follows a warning system wherein it send the alerts to the suspicious operators and other related people illegally involved in the sports. The media informing about the inputs that the organisation receives from its members has revealed the warning system of ESSA. The members who are detected through the internal control systems of ESSA are given warning alerts.

According to the reports of ESSA, the organisation has detected almost around 11 instances of doubtful betting patterns. The authorities have made it clear that all these instances have taken place in the first month of the year 2016 only. While talking about the sports with the highest suspicious wagering, tennis topped the list. Besides this, football and baseball were also on the list. However, the organisation revealed that nine significant corrupt possibilities were also detected.

In addition to this, the organisation also detected the area where the suspicious betting activities take place at the highest level. It revealed that areas under the Asian jurisdiction were detected with five such cases earlier this year. Moving on further was Europe with 3 cases and then Latin America and Arica. The latter two were reported to have officials with dubious betting patterns and forms.

The Bottom Line

ESSA is determined to drive out all the criminals involved in the sport. When it comes to the funding, the European Commission supports the operations and the entire activities of the organisation. On the other hand, the European Commission has also remarked that it will remain committed to cease match-fixing operations across the nation with the help of ESSA System. This simply means that both EC and ESSA have joined hands to throw away the illegal bettors and operators across the professional support. The report of ESSA came out on the day when EU was celebrating its sports integrity day.

This day is designed to make the stakeholders aware about the illegal activities and protect the sports lovers. It aims at reinforcing key education messages about the integrity of the sports. Therefore, it is clearly visible that ESSA is taking all the possible measures to provide a safe sports betting environment to all the players. In future, the organisation is sure to take many more measures that are effective.

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