What do You Think of All the Online Slot Themes That We Would Like to See!

In spite of numerous slot machine games floating around the internet, there are some concepts which are still to be created. Here are some short-listed slot machine game concepts which we can only wait for till its inception.

What Do You Think of These Themes for Upcoming Slot Games?

Donald Trump

The current President of the United States has displayed a bit of a circus in his leadership so far. There is always something controversial to look forward to from his Twitter administration. It would be great to have a slot machine game filled with some this comedy. There could be a Fake News feature and some Grab ‘Em By The P*ssy giveaways.
A feature where when can break bricks on the Mexican border to get free spins would be great too.

America’s Next Top Model

This show had been a craze on television for a very long time. A slot machine with this theme could become a favorite amongst the ladies, just like the television show. Past winners and participants can be placed on the slot machine as reels and prizes given based on their rank on the show. The judges Tyra, Miss J. Alexander, and Nigel Barker could be bonuses for the players.

Grand Theft Auto

This computer game series has been a massive hit among the gamers ever since its launch in 1997. It’s the 4th largest selling computer game after Mario Bros, Tetris and Pokemon. There could be infinite possibilities if it was turned into a slot machine game. The characters can be a part of the slot machine reel, whereas the editions of game like Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas can be some bonus rounds.

The Rolling Stones

If WMS can launch a Kiss slot and NetEnt can release a Guns ‘n’ Roses slot, why can’t The Rolling Stones launch their own slot machine too? Music band themed slot machines have always been a hit amongst the audience. The game can have its own music too.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has become a brand of her own. If Britney Spears can have own slot machine, so can Taylor Swift. Players can activate a cash win if they match her songs to her ex-boyfriends. The women can enjoy the songs, men can enjoy the visuals, either way it can be appealing to both.

Casino Royale

This re-boot of the legendary James Bond movies was a great success. There are Bond themed slot machines already, and a Casino Royale concept for a slot machine was just be natural evolution. A slot machine full of Aston Martins, Bond girls and Martinis (shaken, not stirred) would be just amazing.

Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire has been one of HBO’s finest shows. It projects gambling as a prominent theme and hence, a slot machine based on this show would be great. Imagine having James Darmody, Margaret Thompson, Nelson Van Alden, Arnold Rothstein, and “Chalky” White on your slot machine reels. Atlantic City can be a part of bonus features.

Star Wars Episode VII

At one point, Star Wars themed slot machines were a craze, however, Disney discontinued them to maintain its reputation as a family-friendly franchise. But having bonus features based on Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Yoda and would be incredible. Imagine if you could use a light sabre as an interactive feature.

Do you have any suggestions for some other themes besides the one mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below.

Strategic Tactics Employed by Online Casinos to Raise Their Profits and Customers

In 1962, a book written by Professor Ed Thorp named Beat the Dealers, providing methods to beat blackjack, scared casinos and the casino holders held a discussion and consequently modified the rules of the game which wiped out their business as the players thought that the casinos were partial. Few weeks after the alteration, the casinos were compelled to revive the previous rules to attempt to get their customers back. This process worked fine and the casino revenues exceeded those which were gained before the release of the book and persisted in rising over time.

Changes in Casinos and Strategic Tactics Used

Many experienced players are well-known with the functions of casinos and also how particular modifications can influence the playability of games with time. The most dominant change in table games has been the addition of the 6:5 payout on natural blackjacks which elevated the casino’s edge to roughly 2%.

For slot games, the shift from the classic three-coin, three-reel machines to the multi-line, multi-credit slot machines with a range of observable themes are the fresh models that manage casinos. The capability of multi-line, multi-credit varies from the three-coin version. For instance, Wink Slots is a chief online slots site which offers both kinds with the capability of the slot being mentioned so a player can view accurately how they function.

These become the two modifications seen in last 20 years while other changes contain numerous side bets proposed on casino table games as well as diminished payout schedules.

Revenue Affected by These Strategic Tactics and Changes

Casinos viewed an initial rise in profit with these changes but as the tech bubble burst in 2000 with the housing industry disintegrated in 2008, the low-level players for whom these changes were majorly made, did not possess the expendable earnings.

The casino market wasted tens of billions of dollars from 2008 to 2016. The Las Vegas casino market lately gained revenue after 8 years of enormous losses by taking huge amounts of debt and reorganizing them. Additionally, the comps were cut severely, the casino resorts commenced resort fees with the hotel costs, casino administrators took critical pay cuts and casinos initiated charging for parking.

Value for Gambling Dollars of Players Using Strategic Tactics

The gamblers desire value for their gambling dollars which are explained below:

Time of Play

When the rules of a table game are fine then the gambler drops money at a passive rate as compared to the game having poor rules. For example, the 3:2 blackjack game has roughly 1.4% higher benefit for the player compared to 6:5 blackjack game. Also, the three-reel slots possess a 99.7% payback; while the multi-line, multi-credit machines possess a payback between 95 -96%.The casinos are wearing out gamers at a faster rate with these greater held ratios. The value has decreased by roughly half which compels players to be converted into customers.

Game Theory

It is a branch of mathematics that relates with trade-offs.

Tit for Tat

It is the most outstanding proposal which signifies that you gain something when you submit something.

Nothing For Something

This tactic points to a non-returning customer base which is distinct from standard customer base 80/20 rule and is switched to 80/15 or 80/10 rule.

The motive of a casino is to entertain the players and compel them to stay for long. Even when they are not winning, casinos would offer freebies like food, free rooms, and free shows. This together with games with fine rules would make players gamble for long. Improved comps and games and high value will entice players with expendable income for casino gaming.

Tips to Become an Expert at the Slot Machines

In the last few years, casino gaming has taken a great flight with more and more players going crazy for it. Casino gaming operators are introducing newest slot games to retain the existing players and attract the new ones. These slots are complex yet engaging and offer a good payout to the players. Many of these casinos offer themed slots based on popular movie characters and musicians. Superheroes are the most famous when it comes to theme based slots, as players love action games with their favorite superhero in it. Thus, this article discusses some amazing gaming rules inspired by these superheroes.

Tips From the Popular Superheroes

Scouting the Game with High RTP

The people’s favorite fictional superhero, Hawkeye suggests that one should check the Return to Player (RTP) percentage of the slot game. RTP basically refers to the returns to the player and is less than 100 percent. Most of the games have RTP of over 90%, which means that you will not end up losing anything. It ensures that you are likely to receive a decent return on these slot machines. Here, the tip is not to play at machines with a RTP less than 90 percent. You should only aim at playing at machines that offer giant jackpots and highest RTP percentages. For instance, the Avengers slot game is known for its high RTP and themed bonus rounds that pay off well. Thus, you can explore such slot games and enjoy gambling.

Handling Bankroll

Tony Stark, the man behind Iron Man is here with his tip of the day. He mentions that managing your bank account while enjoying your favorite casino games is highly significant. Players are suggested to keep aside an amount that they are happy to lose and must resist the temptation to play further if they have lost it all. Many a times, players continue to gamble until they are left with that last penny in their account. If you are doing the same then you won’t be able to enjoy games for longer. It is better to start with smaller amounts and then stake higher with larger amounts to last your game. If you are losing, terminate the game and start it over again the next day.

Make the Best of It

The very popular American superhero, Deadpool has a great suggestion for the casino players. He states that slot machines are meant for entertaining, so players must enjoy them to the fullest. You should seek out more opportunities to make the most of these slot machines. However, if you are losing on them they are not meant for you. These machines are ideal for the ones who can take risks, laugh at their losses and exploit the chances.

Therefore, these tips from the superheroes are surely going to help you if you are planning to play casino games for the first time or have been losing them. Once you followed these rules and have acquired the right trick to stick to progressive jackpots, you are going to be a slot machine hero. All you have to do is to hunt for one such authentic casino that can offer you with the widest variety of slot machines, enticing bonus deals and other additional benefits.

You might go through the testimonials of that casino to get a fair idea of its services and welcome packages. Make sure the casino at which you are signing up offers 24/7 customer support service. Thus, it is the time to exploit the slot machines and save the casino world from evil casino bosses.

The Growing Popularity of Online Casino Games Like Tiki Island Slot

Online games have become the latest fascination among people. These games are just a click away. It is a world of entertainment, where you are sure to find pleasure with playing its distinctive games. You may use mobile apps or websites to exercise games such as point and shoot simulators, puzzles as well as casino games. There are many games ranging from free games to reasonable ones, and also ranging from effortless and merely amusing games to relatively tricky ones. A few categories of games like casino games also provides you the opportunity to gain money, making an improvement in the reputation of the games.

Reasons for Popularity of Online Casino Games

The casino games are built in a way by the developers, which magnify their entertainment worth. From the eagerness of winning to the genuine gameplay, web casino games are famous because of the wonderful sensation they offer to the gamers.

Playing at the physical casinos also has the amusement value, except for lacking in granting the handiness of web casino games. The facility of completely taking pleasure in the gameplay and achieving the similar chances to win, being in the comfort zone of your home, is very tempting to the players.

The online appearance of casino games also permits for the kind of games, which cannot be imitated by the physical devices. Web casino games are fascinating and speedier, in comparison to the conventional physical casino games.

If you are a new player, then you have the choice of placing bets with the play amount to attain an experience of real gameplay, without the risk of losing money.

Kinds of Online Casino Games

Casino games present on the web cover the whole range of classic casino games. The top games available online are card games. Most of the card games imitate the actual gameplay as practiced in casinos with generally available Blackjack, Poker and Texas Hold’em.

Other than card games, you can also play 7 and 5 wheel bonus slots or standard 3 reel classics. Along with these games, there are also popular web casino games with dices and tiles, together with the classics like chuck-a-luck and craps.

Slots are the major attraction of the casinos to the players, hence, you will discover online slots of all classes accessible to enjoy on the web. These customary games are often enclosed with matchless and extraordinary attributes, which modify the gameplay for the gamers by incorporating unique games themed with top movies and television series.

Online Casino Games are Secure to Play

Few casino enthusiasts are cautious to endeavor into online gameplay as it feels less protected than playing at physical casinos. Nonetheless, trustworthy online gaming websites provide high levels of security and this can generally be recognized with a safe browser connection.

You must definitely be acquainted with the status of a particular website before you decide to employ in a gameplay. The website mentions the name of the software that manufactured the casino. Hence, the chief providers of software enforce security features to avoid letting the casinos to misuse their software to exploit the customers.

Making the Best of Online Casino Games

With the wide range of games offered, you must pick the games of your choice out of the lot. You may choose the play money feature offered by the casinos, to try out various popular games and then make a decision to invest your money into the games you liked the best. You should try to discover the ins and outs of a respective game, and also habitually look for the updates of the latest games to avoid missing the most exciting gameplay experiences.

Gambling Addiction and Its Impact on Professional Athletes

With the rising trend of casino gambling, its addiction is also elevating. According to the media reports, it has become a severe problem for the British football club. Yes, the performance of the football players has degraded due to their gambling addiction. It has been seen that the interest of the players in gambling has increased over the years leading to serious impact on the whole team. In order to defend their gambling investments, these players tend to play in different manners, which do not lead to a strong team.

Efforts of Port Vale FC Manager in Battling Gambling Addiction

It is true that the managers are doing their every possible bit to create the winning teams but it is impossible until the players are over with their gambling addiction. When it comes to Port Vale FC manager, Michael Brown, he has been striving towards creating a team with positive spirit and with energy to fetch more wins. He is doing this by boosting the morale of the players and educating them about the importance of a powerful team. The manager is on a mission to build a team that is recognized as the strongest and the winning team of the entire league.

Increased Gambling Addiction Among Players

Many football managers are like Brown are working hard to build strong teams but the gambling addiction of the players ruin the entire plan leaving the team in the middle of nowhere. The reports reveal that many of these players have themselves confessed that they are addicted to playing high stake poker before they go for the football match. It has been seen that their performance worsens when they lose at the gambling tables.

Many players accept while others conceal their gambling addiction to avoid any troubles. The ones who accept have also revealed that their performance does get affected badly when they suffer from gambling losses. The players who place the highest bets constitute the category of the under-performing ones. Such players not only let down their team but also show a bad physical performance.

In 2014, a study was performed that showed around 6% of 350 cricket and football players were addicted to gambling. Since this percentage is actually higher, it poses to be a serious problem for the gaming clubs and for the managers to deal with it.

Growing Popularity of Online Gambling Leads to Gambling Addiction

After the online casinos have been introduced, the popularity of gambling market has increased like anything. Many players that were earlier reluctant to go to a land-based casino signup at an online casino today to enjoy various casino games. Right from the millennial to the aged ones, these online casinos have captivated the attention of one and all with their exciting promotional offers and bonus deals. As a result of this, professional athletes are also attracted to these casinos and tend to develop an addiction to it.

True that many players have become problem gamblers but there are others who play responsibly. The responsible players tend to make the best of the online casino sites like PlayOJO and earn well. It is a UK based casino that offers a variety of casino games from the different developers. The casino has become popular among the UK players with its easy policies, better bonuses, excellent customer support and safe banking options.

The Bottom Line

The gambling addiction among the professional players has reached to a level where it will take a considerable time to get cured. It is true that the teams will be able to perform better only after the players have overcome their gambling addiction and are determined to play in the best way for their team.

A Quick Look into the Canadian Gambling Laws and Regulations

The online casinos operate under regulations of the state in which they are operating. Every casino is bound to submit to the regulatory requirements of the state in order to be on the top. The regulation of online casinos actually started in the mid-1990s at the time when Antigua and Barbuda came up with a new law. It passed law through which it permitted itself to be authority to give license to the online casinos.

Canadian Gambling Laws

After the regulation of casinos begun, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission was formed in Canada. This commission believed that the casinos that were based on the lands of the First Nation must be exempted from all the strict national gambling laws. In fact, in the United States, the casinos that are operating in the land of Native America are free. They are operating freely without any external control of the national or state government.

In addition to this, it is known that the commission handled the brick and mortar casinos first and then it went ahead with online casinos and their licensing. Without a doubt, all the existing traditional and online casinos have acquired complete freedom to operate and render their gaming services freely.

To add on, the commission also licensed online poker and online sports book after the online and traditional casinos. Initially, the nations witnessed emergence of only a handful of online casinos. But the number increased after more and more people were attracted to online casino gaming. The online gambling market understood that the trend of online casino gaming is only going to rise in the coming future.

Hence, online casinos were encouraged over their traditional counterparts. In Canada, the laws are unclear in some states. For instance, the state allows bets from Canadian citizens if the casino is out of the control of political boundaries of Canada. It means that many of the online casinos are today based outside the nation just to serve the Canadian citizens.

About State Sponsored Gambling

It is true that national governments, provinces and states are very cautious. They are a bit afraid to legalise online gambling for their citizens because the local entities have been running their own gambling practices such as jai alai, off-track betting, dog racing, horse racing and lotteries just to mention a few. Thus, these local governments have thought of addressing the legal requirements of these casinos within their own jurisdiction only.

Another question that arises is that whether it is legal to play at an online casino or not. Well, the answer would differ from one state to another. According to Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), online gambling is not completely illegal. It does not restrict the players to play the online casino games. However, it limits the credit card companies to transfer the funds to and from the casinos. For instance, Microgaming pulled out all its slots from the US market and left it completely.

The Bottom Line

It can be said that the nations are trying to regulate the gambling field and are planning to impose taxes on the gamblers. Further, it is clear that the provincial casinos do not enjoy much popularity as free market online casinos do in Canada. It is simply because of the fact that the free market casino offers a good payout percentage to the players and offers a nice variety of games.

However, the future of online casinos is still not clear. It is possible that Canada might bring out some new rules and regulations for the online casinos. At present, the state of affairs is in a flux.

Troubled Road Ahead for Loto Quebec

Loto Quebec, the official body for gambling in the state of Quebec is going ahead with its plan to blacklist close to 2,200 online gambling operators in the state. Last week the state passed a very controversial legislation under the name of bill 74. This bill prohibits any online player who fails to stick to the compliances. Even ISPs would be required to pay a heavy fine if blacklisted companies are allowed to operate in the state without the Quebec Government’s approval.

Bill 74 is expected to be legally challenged by a number of online players in the province. This bill is seen as extremely unconstitutional and violates the federal communication law of Canada. This move will give Loto Quebec undue advantage over its competitors. The reason cited by the state for bill 74 is to eradicate the black market in this space.

Whether Loto Quebec will force the ISPs to follow the legislation and start fining heavily from next month remains to be seen. ISPs have till mid of next month until their fate gets sealed. Many officials from the Loto Quebec and the Federal Office have continued to push the legality of Bill 74. The reason claimed for this bill is to ensure public health. The real reason however is monetary. The official body now receives 10 percent of the revenue earned in the state where as 90 percent goes in the black market. Loto Quebec is eyeing at the extra dollars by completely ceasing the operations of most online players that provide popular games such as Tiki Island slot and creating a monopoly. At the moment the state only earn revenue of close to $27 million a year.

Loto-Quebec is expected to on board 3 online gambling players as official partners. Games provided by these players would in turn be used by the Loto-Quebec official site- espacejeux.com. Amaya, a Montreal based online gambling site is expected to receive an official license from Loto-Quebec.

For ISPs however, there is a little breather. The first task would be to deactivate all the non-license players in the online space. Post this all the ISPS would be given a month to follow compliance. Failure to do this would lead to a fine of close to $100,000.

There is another complication though. Most of the European countries tried this blacklist approach in the past decade but it did not work. Most online players switched their base location from the parent country to a different address in the virtual world. Thus the move became a futile exercise as soon as it was released. There are very good chances that bigger online gambling companies would follow suit yet again.

Another strong challenge could be faced from the Kahnawake Reserve- a combined body of Mohawk Internet Tech and Kahnawake Gaming Association. This body offers regulatory immunity for a host of online companies that Loto-Quebec is trying to suppress. Although the Canadian Government has already declared that Kahnawake Reserve is illegal in the country, they have never quite disappeared. On the contrary they are running an extremely profitable business since 1999.

It remains to be seen how this move unfolds in the coming days.

Need for Bookies to be More Accountable as Gambling Industry Expands

Bookmakers in the United Kingdom have never had it so good thanks to the boom in the industry brought about by the mobile gaming revolution. Punters can gamble at any time of the day or night using their PCs, and increasingly, their tablets and mobile phones. In fact, the industry has raked in money thanks to the introduction of ‘in-play’ technology that enables punters to place wagers during the course of a game. An interesting development is that the industry has managed to widen its customer base to include college students and women.

Online operators in the UK offer a basket of gambling options including casino games, poker, bingo and sports betting. Slots are also very popular with online gamblers, and games such as Tiki Island slots are able to attract gamblers thanks to their excellent animation and big prizes.

There was a time when gambling was limited to high street shops since only the really wealthy people stepped into casinos. Today, the internet has brought gambling directly to their phones, and that too via extremely reliable sites. Furthermore, online casinos have become very high profile and they have been able to rope in high profile spokespersons such as the athletes Neymar and Ronaldo for PokerStars, and Victoria Pendleton for Betfair. In fact, gambling companies are spending a huge amount of money on advertising because their profits margins are incredibly high.

The biggest operators in the business have only become larger over the past couple of years, and most companies are worth hundreds of millions of pounds while the largest ones are worth billions of pounds. As a matter of fact, the wealth of the richest individuals owning these businesses has gone from £16 billion to £19billion in the last year alone. Michael Tabor of BetVictor is now worth around £600 million and he has accumulated many of the accoutrements of a wealthy lifestyle such as racehorses and a luxury yacht. Bet365 head honcho and Stoke City chairman Peter Coates is worth a whopping £3.76billion.

It has to be admitted that the gambling industry has given rise to a few problems as well. While betting is without doubt a thrilling activity, it is also extremely addictive. There have been many examples of people whose lives have been destroyed by their addiction to gambling. The NHS estimates that there are more than 500,000 gambling addicts in the United Kingdom. It is also believed that children are beginning to gamble online because of its accessibility and attractiveness.

The profile of gambling addicts tends to be predominantly male and young, but this is changing. It is becoming increasingly common to encounter female addicts. There have also been instances of educated and well-employed people falling for the lure of gambling. While the most common result of this addiction is impoverishment, there have also been many suicides because of gambling losses. There are increasing calls to regulate this industry more closely and to take it out of the mainstream. Self regulation doesn’t seem to be very successful in this industry as the many tragic instances of bankruptcy and suicide indicate.

Bitcoin-The Perfect Currency for Internet Gambling

The gaming industry has changed so much over the past decade as to become almost unrecognisable. In fact, it has embraced all the latest technologies with passion and speed, ensuring that it provides customers new and improved ways to gamble. We’re not just talking about the spectacular games available these days that have high quality animation, exciting themes and big prizes. Games like Tiki Island slot have indeed managed to grab the attention of online gamblers and keep them coming back for more. However, other important developments in the industry are the ease and security with which one can gamble these days. In fact, the use of crypto currencies such as Bitcoin has massive potential to change the way the gambling industry is run.

The gaming industry is not without its problems. In fact, it has to deal with regulatory impositions in many different parts of the world. Online gambling operators are constantly on the look out for ways to circumvent these restrictions. Bitcoin is proving to be very popular with online operators because it provides effective solutions to many of the problems faced by the industry.

People living in countries where online gambling is banned can use Bitcoin to gamble to their heart’s content. It provides them with much needed anonymity and flexibility, enabling them to visit any site of their choice. Many governments are tracking the monetary transactions to gambling sites from traditional money transfer methods, and some governments are even taking steps to ban these transactions, but Bitcoin transfers are proving to be very elusive.

The other advantage of making payments using Bitcoin is that this currency is very cheap. In fact, deposits can be made practically for free. In comparison, credit card fees can be extremely high. Therefore, players can get better value for money when using it to gamble on the internet. Interestingly, casinos that deals predominantly in Bitcoin tend to lower their fees in reflection of their reduced costs.

There is also a higher level of security associated with using Bitcoin. It is almost impossible to make chargebacks on this currency and the speed with which it processes payments ensures that users can verify that everything is in order. Furthermore, it protects the personal data of users and does not leave any paper trail that gambling-unfriendly governments can use to target them. International transactions with online businesses have been made very easy by the use of Bitcoins.

Bitcoin was introduced in 2009 and it has rapidly increased in popularity since then. This currency has become so popular with the gambling industry that large numbers of online gaming providers have adopted it. In fact, many sites have chosen to accept only Bitcoin because this is clearly the currency of the future. Many experts even believe that this currency has helped the internet gambling industry expand at a furious pace. The introduction of online multiplayer casino role playing games has also been attributed to the impact of Bitcoins. The number of people and sites using Bitcoins is only set to increase in the near future.

The Sudden Rise of Online Casinos in the UK

An interesting piece of statistics, which has been unearthed in the UK is that at least half of the population is hooked to online casino games. Online casino games were in fact disallowed and banned in UK till a few years back. Hence the buzz created by the online casino games in UK in a short period of time is noteworthy. But the reasons for the grand success of the online casinos in UK and elsewhere are not difficult to fathom. The ability to play the games from anywhere and at anytime is obviously one of the most important factors for people to sign-in to the online casino sites to play the casino games.

Superior Games and Vast Choices

If the ease of playing the online casino games from any place including home, without the need to travel to a casino, is considered to be a major factor for the boom in online casino gamers, another factor which has helped players to remain glued online to the games is the wide choices available to play various types of casino games. Unlike online casinos, the brick and mortar casinos have the space constraint which prevents them from offering too many varieties of casino games. Similarly the number of online casinos available today is mindboggling too. Online casino players often struggle when it comes to choosing the casino, due to the choices available. One of the dependable and entertaining online sites is the europalace.com.

Recreating the Real Life Experience

Players who were all along been visiting the land based casinos, hardly miss the fun and experience of playing the casino games when they opt for the virtual casinos. This is made possible by the graphics provided in the online casinos which succeed in replicating the experience of the brick and mortar casino. Thus even the die-hard casino players now prefer to play the games conveniently from the comforts of home or even when they are on the move.

Safe Environ Provided

With huge advancement in technology, safety measures are in place in online casinos to safeguard the privacy and security of the players. Without fears of being hacked, players are able to happily play the online casino games. Even if a player wishes to protect his or her financial stake, online casinos have a provision for it. Online casinos offer free games or demo games, which do not require the player to make any initial deposit. And as no deposit is made, the players do not lose any money while enjoying their online game. But of course the sole disadvantage of these free games is that the player cannot experience the thrill of winning some casino.

Bringing Back Good Old Memories

Old time casino players who have switched over now to the online games due to the factors mentioned above not just enjoy these games in equal measure, but also get an opportunity to reminisce the good times that they had in the brick and mortar casinos.