Online Casino Operators Explore Latest Trends in the Industry

Very few people could have visualized the form that the online gambling industry has taken at present, and even fewer people could have anticipated the speed at which it has evolved. Gamblers are opting to play at online casinos in ever increasing numbers because of the convenience and cost effectiveness that the medium offers over its land-based counterpart. As a matter of fact, people love being able to gamble without stepping out of their homes (or even their pajamas!) at any time they want. It’s also possible now to gamble using one’s smartphone, which means that people can play when they are commuting or waiting for an appointment.

Most leading casino operators have diversified into the online gambling business because this is clearly a high-growth area. In fact, there are instances of stagnating land based casino businesses starting to pick up after online gambling sites have been made available to the same customers.

The gambling industry is a very large one, and experts are eager to see whether it will continue to be able to adapt to changing customer requirements. After all, it has done very well so far by adopting new technologies and making important changes whenever necessary. Industry experts have identified a few areas that might have a bearing on the future of the gambling industry.

Data Science

Given that the online gambling industry has customers from all over the world and belonging to different demographics, it is of the utmost importance that they are analysed carefully to expand the business. Customer data can be studied to understand their spending habits, social activity, browsing preferences, and other personal information so that marketing strategies can be tailor-made to be more effective. Bookmakers can also use data science to compute odds with far greater accuracy than at present. Interestingly, casino customers can also use data science to play better at games like poker which require an element of skill and not just luck.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is currently being explored as a means to make online gambling more immersive and personal. Operators can use AI to improve the performance of service bots so that customers get intelligent and useful responses to their queries. However, this technology holds far more potential for the industry since it can also be used to identify signs of problem gambling, especially addiction. For instance, there is a programme called BetBuddy that studies the total time a person spends gambling, the size of deposits and of wagers, and also the frequency at which deposits are made. It uses this data to determine whether an individual is likely to become a gambling addict so that necessary interventions can be made.

Virtual Reality

VR is one way that the online gambling industry can appear more lifelike since this is one of the industry’s biggest failings vis-à-vis land based gambling. VR casinos have already made an appearance but they do not offer a wide range of games as of now. The high cost of VR headsets is also holding back its spread, but this is set to change very soon as hardware manufacturers are working on developing cheaper and better headsets. Interestingly, it’s not just young gamblers but older ones as well who are keen to try out this technology.

According to figures released by the UK Gambling Commission, the percentage of regular gamblers in the age group 18-34 years has climbed from a mere 10% in 2008 to an encouraging 18% at present. The industry will, therefore, have to develop these and other technologies to cater to this growing market segment so that it does not lose out on opportunities.

CASEXE Launches a Brand New Online Casino Called Jolly Roger

CASEXE, the gambling software supplier, has declared a launch of a fresh online casino named Jolly Roger, on its platform. Jolly Roger Casino is a virtual house cultivated with a perceptive interface and alluring pirate style graphics that functions under the approval of Curaçao which is an island nation served as the most general licensors of online gaming industry. Katya Sambuka, TV hostess and model, was requested to commence the Jolly Roger Casino’s advertising campaign.

Games Offered by Jolly Roger Online Casino

Jolly Roger provides a variety of admired games by chief providers such as Endorphina, Amatik, TomHorn, GameArt and Igrosoft. The project strategy contains an integration of Microgaming content in the near future. The customers of the website are granted with unique bonuses as well as promotions. The customer support is available all day.
The corporation has stated that Jolly Roger is satisfied with CASEXE team, placed on an association of a dynamic platform, a simple interface, simultaneously with a profusion of online gambling.

The Russian Gaming Week to Showcase Games That are Available on Online Casinos Like Jolly Roger

The professionals of the corporation are proposed to gain more knowledge regarding the project at the stand B1 in the Russian Gaming Week 2017. The event will be held on 7th and 8th June. CASEXE will demonstrate its products at stand B1, along with distributing judgments and processes best suitable for the present scenario of the online gambling business. It is also feasible to book a business consultation for the purpose of acquiring responses to any questions concerning the products of the respective corporation by visiting the developer CASEXE’s certified site.

CEO of CASEXE to make a Speech at the Russian Gaming Week

Ivan Kondilenko, CEO of CASEXE will be a participant in Russian Gaming Week which will take place in Moscow. He will give a speech at a forum labeled as “The format of white label operation in online gambling, including benefits and risks for operators.”

As the segment of his demonstration, the specialist will address the following problems:

  • The white label layout in the online gaming market
  • Positive as well as negative attributes of exercising this solution
  • Covered constraints and drawbacks of a white label
  • White label distinctions among numerous kinds of gambling
  • When to utilise white label

About the CASEXE Company

The products of CASEXE are CASEXE Configurator, Online Casino Platform, Bitcoin Casino and VR Casino.

The Online Casino Platform

CASEXE online casino platform is a productive, multi-functional and powerful means for building a gambling market online from the start. The potentials are unlimited of CASEXE platform, and permits to enforce the most demanding and unique projects.

CASEXE Configurator

CASEXE Configurator is an exclusive product in the globe of gambling; admitting to building your individual online casino positioned on somewhat formerly developed templates. Using the configurator, you can formulate a casino and start a business project online straight away.

Bitcoin Casino

Presently, Bitcoin Casino is the first and the most recognized cryptocurrency in the world. It offers several advantages and specifics and hence has succeeded to gain faith and courtesy of the casino players. This is the reason why CASEXE has built likelihood to incorporate this payment system in all the web casinos powered by CASEXE platform. CASEXE is all prepared to build a specific casino functioning particularly with Bitcoin or incorporate the Bitcoin service as one of the probable payment methods.

The VR Casino

The corporation CASEXE provides its customer services of VR/AR casino accession, executing singular projects that would contain all the desires and necessities of a probable casino operator. CASEXE has handled to build an exclusive department liable for project illustration containing augmented actuality and virtual reality technologies.

Play Slot Games at That Also Accepts Players From the USA

When it comes to gambling Bitcoin, which is recognised as BTC at times, visiting is the best way to start. This online casino holds a stunningly colorful interface and permits the gamers to play how they wish, when they wish and wherever they wish. This site is sure to capture your heart. The website offers a wide range of games, from Lucky Lady’s Clover to Sin City Lights, attracting players where they are obligated to find something that matches their likes perfectly.

Free Slots Offered at

Free slots are provided for your pleasure on the website of Bitcoin. If you are a new player, you must take the benefit of the munificent free spins and welcome bonus offered. At this web casino, really anything can happen. When the players visit the welcome display, it is trouble-free for them to get updated on the slots, video pokers, and other games which are trending lately. If a player comprises a lucky streak, then it will evidently be showed besides his/her unspecified username. As preserving the privacy of the players is an unambiguous precedence, the playing practice at is of high-end quality.

A Variety of Online Games at

The games are efficiently arranged into their proper categories respectively, hence, the players can instantly see all of the fun they will be having and they can easily pick their favorite game from the lot. The categories presented are- high limit games, jackpot games, slot games, table games, roulette and most popular games. There is a wide range of games such as Book of Pyramids, Fantasy Park, Wild Texas, BlackJack Surrender, Pontoon, Lucky Sweets, Scroll of Adventure, Oasis Poker and Princess of Sky.

Customer Support and Help Available at

Comprising of mesmerizing features such as instant payments and casino bonuses like a welcome bonus, weekend bonus and everyday reload bonus, this web casino accurately attempts to create an ambiance immersed in marvelous customer service. If any gamer has any queries, he needs to respond to the chat attribute of the casino in order to converse with the website’s team. The 24X7 customer support is another instance of all the methods in which this website supplies to Bitcoin fans who love the delight of playing. This type of service makes it easier for online casino visitors and fanatics to focus upon doing what they do perfectly, gambling to win. Accepting Players From the US

It is the first American online casino that functions solely using BTC. There is a positive sense of pleasure the players boast when they are acknowledged with the fact that they are placing bets on the most established Bitcoin (BTC) casino in the United States. For the American players, it is also a huge aid to discover a website that recognizes them along with granting an unbelievable playing experience. Certainly, there is no web casino like this when players wish to achieve a win-win situation. With surely reasonable games, the gamers can be convinced that they are being treated in the way they deserve.

For the sake of noticing the dissimilarities, the players must observe other web casinos struggling for the similar customers. This website offers significantly higher bonuses and an unspecified practice if so needed. People have come to believe in, present in a world where it is tedious to search casinos that are suitable for their best interests. However, future is surely uncertain; players can be secured with the awareness that this web casino will set them up for great success. Possessing a user-friendly interface, is flawlessly prepared to offer enjoyment and entertainment for the players who value the better things in life.

The Sudden Rise of Online Casinos in the UK

An interesting piece of statistics, which has been unearthed in the UK is that at least half of the population is hooked to online casino games. Online casino games were in fact disallowed and banned in UK till a few years back. Hence the buzz created by the online casino games in UK in a short period of time is noteworthy. But the reasons for the grand success of the online casinos in UK and elsewhere are not difficult to fathom. The ability to play the games from anywhere and at anytime is obviously one of the most important factors for people to sign-in to the online casino sites to play the casino games.

Superior Games and Vast Choices

If the ease of playing the online casino games from any place including home, without the need to travel to a casino, is considered to be a major factor for the boom in online casino gamers, another factor which has helped players to remain glued online to the games is the wide choices available to play various types of casino games. Unlike online casinos, the brick and mortar casinos have the space constraint which prevents them from offering too many varieties of casino games. Similarly the number of online casinos available today is mindboggling too. Online casino players often struggle when it comes to choosing the casino, due to the choices available. One of the dependable and entertaining online sites is the

Recreating the Real Life Experience

Players who were all along been visiting the land based casinos, hardly miss the fun and experience of playing the casino games when they opt for the virtual casinos. This is made possible by the graphics provided in the online casinos which succeed in replicating the experience of the brick and mortar casino. Thus even the die-hard casino players now prefer to play the games conveniently from the comforts of home or even when they are on the move.

Safe Environ Provided

With huge advancement in technology, safety measures are in place in online casinos to safeguard the privacy and security of the players. Without fears of being hacked, players are able to happily play the online casino games. Even if a player wishes to protect his or her financial stake, online casinos have a provision for it. Online casinos offer free games or demo games, which do not require the player to make any initial deposit. And as no deposit is made, the players do not lose any money while enjoying their online game. But of course the sole disadvantage of these free games is that the player cannot experience the thrill of winning some casino.

Bringing Back Good Old Memories

Old time casino players who have switched over now to the online games due to the factors mentioned above not just enjoy these games in equal measure, but also get an opportunity to reminisce the good times that they had in the brick and mortar casinos.

New Jersey’s Online Casinos – Facts Revealed!

New Jersey has the distinction of being the first state of US to welcome online casinos on its soil. While, poker sites had gained legitimacy earlier in Nevada and Delaware, it was in 2013 February that New Jersey became the first state in US to enact the bill to let people legally indulge in online casino activities. Online casino activities in New Jersey became a reality from November 2013, when the state allowed people to play the casino games including poker from its soil.

Revenue Gains

New Jersey has immensely benefitted by allowing legal online gambling from its soil as the bill envisages not only an official resident of New Jersey to play the online casino games, but anyone to play from its soil. This has allowed tourists and business travellers from other states to play the online casino games, while staying or travelling in New Jersey. This has in turn been a great incentive for many to travel to New Jersey to fulfil their long cherished dream of playing the online casino games. The state of New Jersey has enjoyed a handsome increase in revenue generation due to the decision to throw open online casinos in its soil. In fact, within a year of legalising the online casinos, tax revenue realized from the activity shot up to about $20 million. And ever since there has been an upward shift in tax revenue earned through online casinos in New Jersey.

Spin-off Benefits

Since the New Jersey laws prescribe easy stipulations for anyone to play online casinos in its soil, the online casino scenario in the state has become highly vibrant. The New Jersey laws require a person to be above 21 years and be physically present in its soil to be eligible to play the online casino games. This has thus made it simple for anyone to play their favourite casino games by travelling to New Jersey. While adults above 21 years are able to enjoy unrestricted casino activities, online, the spin-off benefit for the state has been additional employment benefits and a flourishing economy. To ensure the veracity of the age proof, New Jersey laws require a player to submit documents like utility bills or passport or social security number.

Software to Help Locate the Players

With software in place to assess the physical location of the player, there is a fool-proof system in place to ensure compliance to the online casino regulation in New Jersey. While players are therefore required to be physically present in New Jersey to play the online casino games, they are at liberty to access their accounts from anywhere. This has helped players to withdraw their casino monies from anywhere. Since the online casino activities are still in its nascent stage in New Jersey, there have been murmurs about some difficulties in the banking system for players. However there is consent among players that the present regulations and system are needed so as to provide safety and security to players. All Set to Launch 120 New Gaming Titles is widely known as the very first licensed and regulated Bitcoin-only casino. It is operated and owned by mBet Solutions NV, and is completely licensed by the Curacao government. It is the very famous sportsbook operator and casino gaming that allows transactions through Bitcoin only and no other methods. It simply means that you will first have to create your own Bitcoin wallet like Bitcoin Core or Multibit, Blockchain and Armory in order to purchase Bitcoin and get ready to play the game.

It is true that right from its inception in the year 2014, the company has been making changes to its software platform and has been upgrading its site to offer a better gaming experience to all its fans. Since the company is adding new software, all the players can expect to have a much more thrilling experience at this very casino. The casino even has the AskGamblers Certificate of Trust, which shows its authenticity and reputation in the industry. The company has recently made it to the news with its declaration to add 120 new titles to its already existing portfolio of games.

The Addition of 120 New Titles has made a perfect plan to integrate 120 HTML5 new gaming titles from its Pragmatic game library. Some of the titles that players will get an access to include Go Monkey, Lucky Dragons and Beowulf just to name a few. When it comes to Pragmatic Play, it has become the latest casino to become a part of this casino site. This site also features games from Microgaming, Betsoft and NetEnt. With this, the games from Pragmatic Play will also be available at, which is the sportsbook partner of

A Variety of Games at

At present, the casino offers a selection of more than 800 High Definition games with a range of 3D games as well. Powered by the widely known software providers like Quickfire, Ezugi, Betsoft, Evolution, Gameart, Onetouch, Bet Games, Play’n Go, Asiagaming and Booming-Games, this casino has come a long way ahead in offering the most outstanding set of online slot games. Some of the slot titles that it offers precisely include Aztec Treasures, Safari Sam, Mad Scientist, Boomanji, Gladiator and Sushi Bar just to name a few out of many.

On the other hand, it has some top rated games also, which are preferred and played the most by the players. These include At the Movies, Madder Scientist, After Night Falls, Mr. Vegas and Under the Bed. Not only this, the casino also has a finest range of table games. If you love playing Roulette then you can try a variety of it including Common Draw Roulette, American Roulette and European Roulette. The Blackjack lovers can try their hands at Classic Blackjack and Mini Blackjack. The table games also include Top card trumps, Craps, Baccarat and others.

The Customer Support Service believes in catering to the needs of the customers and solving their queries in the minimum possible time. It has a very dedicated team of experts that are ready to support the players at any point of time. At any time when you face any problem with any of the game or are unable to understand the terms and rules of the site, you can simply contact the customer support team.

The Bottom Line has gained a very powerful customer base in a very minimum time by offering the highest variety of casino games to its players. With such a marvelous number of existing players already, it is sure that the introduction of 120 new slot titles will only make it more and more popular.


FortuneJack Offers Exciting and Fair Gambling Opportunities

People who enjoy online gambling are always on the lookout for a site that offers a wide range of exciting games in a safe and well-managed environment. As a matter of fact, people are very rightly so worried about falling victim to a scam that they look for websites that offer that highest levels of online security. FortuneJack is one of the best sites you could play on since it makes use of digital security to ensure the required security and fairness. It also offers a very wide range of games including live games; this is a great site for Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, and Texas Hold’em amongst many other games. This is a well-managed site and its promoters come with a lot of experience running land based and online gambling businesses.

Fairness Ensured Through Provably Fair System

The FortuneJack site scores higher than many other gambling sites on account of the high level of fairness with which the games are run. While you cannot expect to know the outcome of a game beforehand, the FortuneJack site gives you detailed information about each round after it has finished so that you can verify its fairness on your own. In fact, you will clearly see that the outcomes are completely based upon inputs from players. The website displays a private number that changes with each and every round of the game, and you can use it to verify the fairness of each round. It is also possible to verify the fairness of slots and keno instantly.

Attractively Low Stakes

The games offered on FortuneJack have extremely low stakes and this is another reason for the popularity of the site. While you should expect to lose a certain amount of money to the house, it helps to know that this is set at an attractively low level, thereby ensuring that your winnings can be maximized.

High Level of Safety

You will be happy to know that the money you deposit in your FortuneJack account will be handled well. The company has hired a leading online security provider to ensure that cybercriminals cannot access your money or personal information.

Cryptocurrencies Accepted for Convenient Gambling

Lots of people are using cryptocurrencies for online transfer of funds for a number of purposes including gambling. The site has a coin exchange service that acceps 10 different types of cryptocurrencies. While Bitcoin is no doubt the best known one, you could also use others such as Dogecoin, Peercoin, Dash, Reddcoin, and Litecoin, just to name a few. You can transfer funds very easily and affordably since the transfer fee is levied only on transactions larger than $200.

Excellent Customer Service

FortuneJack offers a very high level of customer service; you can get in touch with representatives of the site to get answers to all of your questions and solutions to your problems. You will also like the site’s loyalty programme that enables you to get maximum benefits from the money you spend gambling. All in all, FortuneJack is a great site to play on and you’ll enjoy gambling here.

Virtual Reality Set to Overwhelm the Online Gambling Industry

Online gambling has become exceedingly popular over the past few years and it has been able to attract customers from all over the world. There are many factors that contribute to the industry’s popularity; these include developments in gaming products and hardware as well as many new and reliable options to conduct monetary transactions. In fact, online gambling has become extremely quick and reliable, so much so that the business is growing at a very fast pace.

The size of the internet based gambling industry is so immense and competition is so severe that companies spend a great deal of money and effort to provide innovative products. The entertainment requirements of ‘millenials’ is also something that clearly must be considered since this demographic is the one with the biggest purchasing power and willingness to spend at the present. As a result, the industry is always on the lookout for the next best thing. A while ago that was mobile gaming which has now become an established fact. At present, the next best thing in the gambling industry is virtual reality.

It is easy to understand why gamblers, especially those belonging to a younger age group, would prefer to play virtual reality gambling games instead of the conventional ones. After all, they are accustomed to the immersive experience provided by role play video games and are eager to get the same thing when gambling. Furthermore, social interaction using the internet is very important to the present generation, as the ever increasing popularity of social media indicates. Virtual reality games, especially when combined with social gaming, have all that it takes to keep the younger generation of gamblers enthralled.

Virtual reality (VR) gaming is no doubt going to be the next biggest thing in the gambling industry but it is not necessarily going to be easy to cater to the needs of the market. For starters, it is likely that new hardware will be required to provide this service, and there will be need for appropriate virtual reality units.

There has already been an attempt to bring virtual reality gaming to individual online gamblers. SlotsMillion, a new launched casino, is believed to be the first one to offer this type of gambling. It goes without saying that a great deal of time has and money has gone into the making of this site. The SlotsMillion site resembles an actual casino set on the 80th floor of a futuristic looking building. The site offers a wide range of 3D slots titles that offer the best possible immersive experience thanks to their state of the art software. There is also a social aspect to gaming on this site.

Most unfortunately, the VR casino offered by SlotsMillion offers a limited number of slots games at present, possibly because it takes a lot of time to develop these titles. However, the site is likely to include more games in the future. Needless to say, this aspect of the gaming industry will only develop based upon the level of interest shown by customers!

Why are Online Slots More Popular than Offline Slots?

Land-based casinos have so many games to offer the players. From super fun games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat to slots, craps and more; you can have the time of your life with these casino games. Over the years, online video slots such as Tiki Island video slot and more have also garnered a lot of attention. There are many reasons why online slots have become popular. One of them is that it is very easy and convenient to play slots online in the comfort of your home. Also, you do not need any kind of prior knowledge to play slots. The more you practice, the better you get.

Here some other reasons why online slots are more popular than offline slots.

Not only does slots are easy to play online, they come in a lot of variety. Yes, there are numerous themes and offers. If you get bored of a particular slot game, you can easily switch to another slot game with a fancier theme or better options. We recommend Tiki Island video slot game as it offers a great first-time deposit bonus and amazing offers. It also great visual graphics and sound quality. Developers these days are coming up with new and crazy themes for slot games.

In a land-based casino, you will find casinos that have slot machines. Firstly, you might have to wait in line for your turn to come. When that happens you can start your game. One affordable slot game is penny slots. You do not have to spend a lot and at the same time enjoy as well. On the other hand, there are several websites online that offer you the chance to play slots for free online. You do not have to spend anything, on the contrary, you get to play for hours for free.

Playing at your own free will and leisure cannot be compared to a trip to the casino where people are drunk and shouting at the top of their voices. If you are a regular, you might need some amount of peace and quiet for the game to be a success.

Research has shown that online video slots pay more money as compared to slots in land-based casino. It is very simple indeed. Suppose you are playing on Tiki Island video slot. Firstly you will receive a first-time deposit bonus. You can utilise that amount however you want. Then, you are entitled to several promotions and free spins, which will double your score. Moreover, you will have the chance to win the jackpot on betting maximum coins. Once you do that, you can also try to win the progressive jackpot that has a bigger cash prize. Winning in a progressive jackpot is a huge deal because the payout will be in millions. Have you heard of any player winning around million dollars while playing blackjack or roulette? No. The reason is that slots pay more than any other game in the casino.

Red Flush Online Casino Offers Much More Than Gambling Games Like Tiki Island Slot

Online casinos are no doubt places where people go to gamble from the comfort of their homes, but customers these days expect far more than a fantastic selection of games. Most popular online activities have a very strong social element, which is hardly surprising given how popular social media has become. Casinos these days go to great lengths to attract and retain their customers, and one of the most effective ways of doing this is by creating a very active community around gambling. This is because customers like to feel that they are playing against people they know and not just against absolute strangers.

Red Flush Online Casino

Red Flush Online Casino is one of the savviest internet based gambling establishments in operation today since it gives customers exactly what they want. This includes a wide range of exciting games, attractive welcome bonuses and even a thriving online community that can provide customers with added excitement. As a matter of fact, RealDealBet casino has taken the step of roping in five-time heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield to represent it on the internet.

The association between gambling and sports is a very well-established one, and this gives former pro boxers a great opportunity to use their fame to their advantage for as long as possible. In fact, UK boxer Audley Harrison is associated with online poker giant, Full Tilt Poker.

Both gambling companies and athletes stand to gain by associating with one another. Retired boxers and other former athletes are able to retain the glow of their sporting days long after they hang up their sports equipment. One reason for this is that the sports media continues to keep them in the public consciousness. Since the online gambling industry tends to attract lots of sports fans, it is easy to see how this association works.

Companies that sponsor former athletes benefit very much from the online buzz created by their sports-fan customers. Their online communities become venues for extremely heated debates and information about promotional events spreads like wildfire through them.

These tie-ups are great news for former athletes as well since it gives them a great opportunity to extend their earning years. It is an unfortunate fact that athletes have a very short window of opportunity to earn money since their bodies cannot sustain the rigours of an athletic career long into their 30s. In fact, only exceptionally gifted athletes are able to keep playing once they complete their third decade. Furthermore, even if pro boxers and other athletes have been able to earn a lot of money during their career, many of them haven’t been able to manage their finances very well. Therefore, they are extremely eager to endorse online betting companies as and when they get the opportunity.

The question might arise about why online gamers will be excited to see professional boxers as the faces of gambling sites. The answer is very simply that these are highly recognizable faces promoting a product that sports fans enjoy using. There are definitely going to be many more sponsorship deals in the future.