Appearance of the Wild Symbol, Tiki Island Logo can be a Game Changer!

The popular video game designer, Gamesys Group has come up with an entertaining version of slot games with Pacific island theme called Tiki Island slot. The colourful icons used and the enchanting island theme has made this game a favourite among the players in a very short time. Gamesys has created this game with five reels and 20 pay lines.

An Entertaining Slot Game

Even though the slot game is very simple to play, excitement is palpable once a player starts spinning the reels. All that a player needs to do is spin the reel and wait to see the configurations that appear once the reels come to a halt. When the configuration on the wheel matches with that of the house, it means that the player has won. Now to make the game all the more interesting and competitive, features like wild and scatter symbols have been introduced by the game designers. These symbols pop-up on the reels and help players progress to the subsequent levels of the game. More the scatter or wild symbols a player comes across, the merrier they will be as winning probability increases considerably.

Wild SymbolWild Cards

Game designers offer wild and scatter symbols in colourful representations befitting the theme of the game. Thus, in Tiki Island slot game, the Shield and Spears are depicted as the scatter symbol, whereas the Tiki Island Logo is represented as the wild symbol. These symbols essentially enhance the winning chance of a player while at the same time adding elegance to the video screen. Along with the regular symbols present in the slot game, these wild and scatter symbols provide the slot game a huge impetus.

Tiki Island Logo-The Wild Symbol

One of the rules to be strictly adhered to before playing the online casino game is to read the terms of play in the casino. Details like coin sizes on offer in a slot game, is very important as the size of the coin determines the winning amount. Another useful tip, players are given is to try out the free money game at first before depositing real money. Since the free money game is almost a replica of the real money game, players get a better understanding of the game as well as about the symbols like wild and scatter. Wild symbols, for example, appear in certain patterns in different slot games. Thus, by playing free games, a player can be clearer about where exactly the scatter symbols appear and what their role is.

Like in all modern slot games, the wild symbol in Tiki Island game can substitute all other symbols except the three scatter symbols of the game. By substituting the symbol, a player is able to achieve the winning configuration with ease. The other symbols that the wild symbol does not replace are the Puffer Fish Bonus and Coconut Scatter symbols.

Depending on the number of wild symbols you’re able to land on the reels, you’ll be awarded accordingly. While two wild symbols will award you 10 credits, getting five wild symbols means you’ve hit the jackpot, which means you’ve earned 10,000 credits! The value of these credits will depend on the coin size you’ve bet.

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