A Quick Look into the Canadian Gambling Laws and Regulations

The online casinos operate under regulations of the state in which they are operating. Every casino is bound to submit to the regulatory requirements of the state in order to be on the top. The regulation of online casinos actually started in the mid-1990s at the time when Antigua and Barbuda came up with a new law. It passed law through which it permitted itself to be authority to give license to the online casinos.

Canadian Gambling Laws

After the regulation of casinos begun, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission was formed in Canada. This commission believed that the casinos that were based on the lands of the First Nation must be exempted from all the strict national gambling laws. In fact, in the United States, the casinos that are operating in the land of Native America are free. They are operating freely without any external control of the national or state government.

In addition to this, it is known that the commission handled the brick and mortar casinos first and then it went ahead with online casinos and their licensing. Without a doubt, all the existing traditional and online casinos have acquired complete freedom to operate and render their gaming services freely.

To add on, the commission also licensed online poker and online sports book after the online and traditional casinos. Initially, the nations witnessed emergence of only a handful of online casinos. But the number increased after more and more people were attracted to online casino gaming. The online gambling market understood that the trend of online casino gaming is only going to rise in the coming future.

Hence, online casinos were encouraged over their traditional counterparts. In Canada, the laws are unclear in some states. For instance, the state allows bets from Canadian citizens if the casino is out of the control of political boundaries of Canada. It means that many of the online casinos are today based outside the nation just to serve the Canadian citizens.

About State Sponsored Gambling

It is true that national governments, provinces and states are very cautious. They are a bit afraid to legalise online gambling for their citizens because the local entities have been running their own gambling practices such as jai alai, off-track betting, dog racing, horse racing and lotteries just to mention a few. Thus, these local governments have thought of addressing the legal requirements of these casinos within their own jurisdiction only.

Another question that arises is that whether it is legal to play at an online casino or not. Well, the answer would differ from one state to another. According to Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), online gambling is not completely illegal. It does not restrict the players to play the online casino games. However, it limits the credit card companies to transfer the funds to and from the casinos. For instance, Microgaming pulled out all its slots from the US market and left it completely.

The Bottom Line

It can be said that the nations are trying to regulate the gambling field and are planning to impose taxes on the gamblers. Further, it is clear that the provincial casinos do not enjoy much popularity as free market online casinos do in Canada. It is simply because of the fact that the free market casino offers a good payout percentage to the players and offers a nice variety of games.

However, the future of online casinos is still not clear. It is possible that Canada might bring out some new rules and regulations for the online casinos. At present, the state of affairs is in a flux.

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