Experience the Magic of New Orleans and Jazz With the Launch of The Big Easy Slot

Gtech’s personal game manufacturer Spielo comes up with a brilliantly designed jazz themed slot consisting of 5 reels called The Big Easy slot. South American city comes to life with the sights and sounds that accompany the reels, staying true to its reputation of good music, food and drinks. The icons present on the reels are well designed, that provide a good experience of New Orleans, spread across 20 pay lines. There are wins of up to 5000 credits up for grabs, a bonus feature and enough opportunities for players to earn big money.

The Big Easy Slot Gameplay

The laid-back attitude towards life in New Orleans is one of the most appealing things about it. The city as mentioned above is famous for its food, drinks (specially bourbon whiskey) and most importantly its music.

The icons on the reels bring alive this entire city magic. There are treats for your mouth on plates consisting seafood, with bourbon with ice to quench your thirst. The musical aspect of New Orleans is covered too by various icons such as a trumpet player, a saxophone, piano keys and a beautiful jazz singer.

The game consists of much more than just bringing alive elements of New Orleans. The colourful background in the game along with its 2D illustrations are visually appealing. The sounds of the city make their way in the game too, with bass lines and different trumpet blasts, when the reels spin.

Symbols and Rewards in The Big Easy Slot

The first thing the player has to do before spinning the reels is to select the number of pay lines. The player has an option of selecting from 1, 5, 10, 15 and 20 pay lines. The size of the bet has to be adjusted too by the player, with the minimum bet being 0.01 and the maximum being 5 per bet line. This gives the player plenty of options to place his bet.

When all the pay lines are activated and the maximum bet amount of 5 is placed, the player can potentially win the jackpot of 5,000 coins. There are two different ways to land this jackpot in the basic game. The first being by finding five signer icons and the second being by finding five ‘The big easy’ icons. Both the ways reward the player with 1,000x multiplier per line. There are numerous other ways to win big rewards too, such as getting 5 trumpet players, which rewards the player with 500x times the value of his initial bet or getting 5 piano icons that will reward the player with 250x times the value of his initial bet.

Bonus Features in The Big Easy Slot

Like other famous slots out in the market, this game too features some interesting bonuses. The scatter symbol in the game is the half crescent moon. Get 3 of these icons and you will be rewarded with a 4x multiplier, while 4 and 5 of these will reward you with 11x and 20x multiplier.

The ‘Big Easy’ logo icon is the highest paying symbol in the game. Apart from being the most profitable icon, it is also the wild icon in the game that will replace all the other symbols (except scatter) to form a winning combination. When the player manages to get 3, 4 or 5 of wild symbols, he is taken to a side street, where he gets to pick a random prize of free spins with different multipliers.

The Final Verdict

For all those out there, that enjoy bright colours and vintage looks, this is the perfect game. The game is visually stunning, which gives the entire look and feel of New Orleans. So, take a brief tour of the city and win some exciting prizes.

What do You Think of All the Online Slot Themes That We Would Like to See!

In spite of numerous slot machine games floating around the internet, there are some concepts which are still to be created. Here are some short-listed slot machine game concepts which we can only wait for till its inception.

What Do You Think of These Themes for Upcoming Slot Games?

Donald Trump

The current President of the United States has displayed a bit of a circus in his leadership so far. There is always something controversial to look forward to from his Twitter administration. It would be great to have a slot machine game filled with some this comedy. There could be a Fake News feature and some Grab ‘Em By The P*ssy giveaways.
A feature where when can break bricks on the Mexican border to get free spins would be great too.

America’s Next Top Model

This show had been a craze on television for a very long time. A slot machine with this theme could become a favorite amongst the ladies, just like the television show. Past winners and participants can be placed on the slot machine as reels and prizes given based on their rank on the show. The judges Tyra, Miss J. Alexander, and Nigel Barker could be bonuses for the players.

Grand Theft Auto

This computer game series has been a massive hit among the gamers ever since its launch in 1997. It’s the 4th largest selling computer game after Mario Bros, Tetris and Pokemon. There could be infinite possibilities if it was turned into a slot machine game. The characters can be a part of the slot machine reel, whereas the editions of game like Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas can be some bonus rounds.

The Rolling Stones

If WMS can launch a Kiss slot and NetEnt can release a Guns ‘n’ Roses slot, why can’t The Rolling Stones launch their own slot machine too? Music band themed slot machines have always been a hit amongst the audience. The game can have its own music too.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has become a brand of her own. If Britney Spears can have own slot machine, so can Taylor Swift. Players can activate a cash win if they match her songs to her ex-boyfriends. The women can enjoy the songs, men can enjoy the visuals, either way it can be appealing to both.

Casino Royale

This re-boot of the legendary James Bond movies was a great success. There are Bond themed slot machines already, and a Casino Royale concept for a slot machine was just be natural evolution. A slot machine full of Aston Martins, Bond girls and Martinis (shaken, not stirred) would be just amazing.

Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire has been one of HBO’s finest shows. It projects gambling as a prominent theme and hence, a slot machine based on this show would be great. Imagine having James Darmody, Margaret Thompson, Nelson Van Alden, Arnold Rothstein, and “Chalky” White on your slot machine reels. Atlantic City can be a part of bonus features.

Star Wars Episode VII

At one point, Star Wars themed slot machines were a craze, however, Disney discontinued them to maintain its reputation as a family-friendly franchise. But having bonus features based on Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Yoda and would be incredible. Imagine if you could use a light sabre as an interactive feature.

Do you have any suggestions for some other themes besides the one mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below.

Monopoly Bring the House Down Slot is the Latest Addition by Barcrest

The latest addition to Barcrest’s extensive slot collection makes its way in the market, called Monopoly bring the house down. Like the other slot games in the franchise that have become really popular, this game too features special bonuses for its players.

The game has a total of 5 reels that spin to form a winning combination for the player, spread across 40 pay lines, divided into four rows. The player has an option to bet as low as 10p per spin or go all in at once with £500. The game is compatible across all platforms and hence can be played on a tablet, mobile and/or a desktop.

The slot also features an additional feature known as ‘Big Bet’, that gives the player a series of five spins that are linked to a specific price.

Hot Zone in Monopoly Bring the House Down Slot

Just like the original game in the series, high-value icons include the classic dog of monopoly, car, cat, and ship, whereas the low-value icons include playing card of different values, such as 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace.

For those who are familiar with the classic monopoly board game will soon realise as the game progresses, that there are a number of features that enhance the main gameplay experience and this slot is no different from the actual board game. With each spin, the player can see a pattern of wilds, which is known as the Hot Zone, appear while the reels are spinning and if the player is lucky enough, it might just land on his reels. There is an upgrade available for the hot zone, that can be transformed into a hotel, that will add a multiplier value to the amount that is won by the player to a maximum of 5 times.

Additional Features in Monopoly Bring the House Down Slot

The Hot Zone is not the only feature in the slot game that stands out. The game also consists of a ‘free spins’ feature, that gets enabled when 3 monopoly icons appear on the first, third and fifth reel together during a spin.

The game also consists of three additional bonuses as follows:

Bonus Drop

When the player gets Hot Zone pattern out of the reels this is rewarded to the player. The Hot Zone will then appear on the reels in an attempt to get wilds and multiplier wilds.

Chance Card

These play a crucial role in the slot game, just like in the board game. The player has to pick one of three cards, in an attempt to reveal the Hot Zone pattern, that then gets dropped at random.

Bonus Select

Once this feature gets enabled, the Hot Zone pattern will fall on the reels at random. The player then gets three seconds to keep or discard the pattern.

For everyone looking for an online casino to play the new online slot ‘property market’, it can be found at various casino sites, such as LeoVegas Casino.

The Final Verdict

Very few people would argue about the popularity of the original Monopoly board game, which is still one of the best-selling games of all time. While Monopoly Bring the House Down slot may not exactly match the benchmark set by the original game, it still highlights most of the interesting features of the original game in a digital format, such as the famous icons and chance cards.

Aesthetically the game looks brilliant and the gameplay is entertaining. The RTP of this game is 98.1% which is fairly decent for an online slot game. Although, the game could be a little confusing to play for the first time, especially for players who have not played the original Monopoly board game, you can still get familiar with a few rounds of it.

The Dead Escape Slot by Habanero Received Some Rave Reviews

Habanero is testing slot players to liberate the on-screen zombie attacks with their recent slot release, The Dead Escape. The gaming supplier built the newest slot game to acquire the creative minds of horror film admirers. Habanero has been working hard on this novel online slot that guarantees to lift the hackles on the back of your neck and make you go to sleep with the lights on. The Dead Escape is a post-fateful slot based on zombies that appear completely ferocious.

Features of The Dead Escape Slot

There are tinges of The Walking Dead to this frightening slot game, which depicts the experiences of a father and a daughter as they try to subsist as best as they can in an isolated wilderness. This barren wasteland is occupied with blood-sucking zombies as well as filthy beasts. The slot game offers both ways wins, signifying payouts pay from right to left and left to right across the 30 pay lines.

The visuals of Habanero’s terrifying fresh slot are a feast. The graphics of the slot game contains symbols such as a hand pushing through the mud and a background that contains chain link railing, razor wire, skulls and dangerous warning marks.

The 30 pay line slot game appears as a standard in the making due to the pre-feature compelling series. These driving sequences display ruthless zombies springing up the windscreen. Habanero has attempted something distinct with this slot game and you will jump out of your seats when you practice The Dead Escape.

Innovative Bonus Games

The slot game appears like being a blood-drowned fright-fiesta from beginning to last and surely is not suitable for delicate-hearted players. But, it is an apt slot game for nervy players. These players will discover a lot to please them, as The Dead Escape is stuffed with murderous attributes as well as creative bonus games.

Free Spin Bonus Feature

The slot game offers a free spin bonus feature. It provides 15 free spins as a segment of this feature that will view the father and daughter gang up to fight against the raging zombie swarms while gaining huge payouts. These 15 free games will be granted when you spin 3 or more scatters.

Slot Games of Habanero

The slot games of Habanero, which are presently over 70, are not usually this scary as this is a developer whose slot games contain the likes of Panda Panda, Fire Rooster, and Bird of Thunder. There is no sweetness or refinements to be discovered in The Dead Escape although, which will go up against slot games like Microgaming’s 243 way Lost Vegas, which is featured in a post-prophetic association where the ghosts wander around gaming corridors as well as casino resorts of Nevada.

The reports of the launch of The Dead Escape slot reached in the same week when the world has been weeping the death of famous filmmaker George A Romero. The filmmaker’s Night of the Living Dead films motivated a complete generation of zombie-consumed directors as well as the persons who watch such films. The impact of work by George A Romero can still be sensed in games like The Dead Escape slot.

From the Officials at Habanero…

Toni Karapetrov, Head of Corporate Communications at Habanero, stated that The Dead Escape slot is among their most exciting games from the catalogue of games produced by the corporation, with players spinning their way to protect from the zombie intrusion. The bloody graphics, as well as spine-shivering sounds, will let the players stay on a knife-end. This slot game is certain to offer a severe gaming practice.