The Sudden Rise of Online Casinos in the UK

An interesting piece of statistics, which has been unearthed in theĀ UK is that at least half of the population is hooked to online casino games. Online casino games were in fact disallowed and banned in UK till a few years back. Hence the buzz created by the online casino games in UK in a short period of time is noteworthy. But the reasons for the grand success of the online casinos in UK and elsewhere are not difficult to fathom. The ability to play the games from anywhere and at anytime is obviously one of the most important factors for people to sign-in to the online casino sites to play the casino games.

Superior Games and Vast Choices

If the ease of playing the online casino games from any place including home, without the need to travel to a casino, is considered to be a major factor for the boom in online casino gamers, another factor which has helped players to remain glued online to the games is the wide choices available to play various types of casino games. Unlike online casinos, the brick and mortar casinos have the space constraint which prevents them from offering too many varieties of casino games. Similarly the number of online casinos available today is mindboggling too. Online casino players often struggle when it comes to choosing the casino, due to the choices available. One of the dependable and entertaining online sites is the

Recreating the Real Life Experience

Players who were all along been visiting the land based casinos, hardly miss the fun and experience of playing the casino games when they opt for the virtual casinos. This is made possible by the graphics provided in the online casinos which succeed in replicating the experience of the brick and mortar casino. Thus even the die-hard casino players now prefer to play the games conveniently from the comforts of home or even when they are on the move.

Safe Environ Provided

With huge advancement in technology, safety measures are in place in online casinos to safeguard the privacy and security of the players. Without fears of being hacked, players are able to happily play the online casino games. Even if a player wishes to protect his or her financial stake, online casinos have a provision for it. Online casinos offer free games or demo games, which do not require the player to make any initial deposit. And as no deposit is made, the players do not lose any money while enjoying their online game. But of course the sole disadvantage of these free games is that the player cannot experience the thrill of winning some casino.

Bringing Back Good Old Memories

Old time casino players who have switched over now to the online games due to the factors mentioned above not just enjoy these games in equal measure, but also get an opportunity to reminisce the good times that they had in the brick and mortar casinos.

New Jersey’s Online Casinos – Facts Revealed!

New Jersey has the distinction of being the first state of US to welcome online casinos on its soil. While, poker sites had gained legitimacy earlier in Nevada and Delaware, it was in 2013 February that New Jersey became the first state in US to enact the bill to let people legally indulge in online casino activities. Online casino activities in New Jersey became a reality from November 2013, when the state allowed people to play the casino games including poker from its soil.

Revenue Gains

New Jersey has immensely benefitted by allowing legal online gambling from its soil as the bill envisages not only an official resident of New Jersey to play the online casino games, but anyone to play from its soil. This has allowed tourists and business travellers from other states to play the online casino games, while staying or travelling in New Jersey. This has in turn been a great incentive for many to travel to New Jersey to fulfil their long cherished dream of playing the online casino games. The state of New Jersey has enjoyed a handsome increase in revenue generation due to the decision to throw open online casinos in its soil. In fact, within a year of legalising the online casinos, tax revenue realized from the activity shot up to about $20 million. And ever since there has been an upward shift in tax revenue earned through online casinos in New Jersey.

Spin-off Benefits

Since the New Jersey laws prescribe easy stipulations for anyone to play online casinos in its soil, the online casino scenario in the state has become highly vibrant. The New Jersey laws require a person to be above 21 years and be physically present in its soil to be eligible to play the online casino games. This has thus made it simple for anyone to play their favourite casino games by travelling to New Jersey. While adults above 21 years are able to enjoy unrestricted casino activities, online, the spin-off benefit for the state has been additional employment benefits and a flourishing economy. To ensure the veracity of the age proof, New Jersey laws require a player to submit documents like utility bills or passport or social security number.

Software to Help Locate the Players

With software in place to assess the physical location of the player, there is a fool-proof system in place to ensure compliance to the online casino regulation in New Jersey. While players are therefore required to be physically present in New Jersey to play the online casino games, they are at liberty to access their accounts from anywhere. This has helped players to withdraw their casino monies from anywhere. Since the online casino activities are still in its nascent stage in New Jersey, there have been murmurs about some difficulties in the banking system for players. However there is consent among players that the present regulations and system are needed so as to provide safety and security to players.