Play’n Go Releases New Slot Game: Cloud Quest

Cloud QuestOnline gaming software developer Play’n Go recently announced that it has a brand new slot game ready for release on the 10th of March, 2016. The game, known as Cloud Quest is a video slot game the theme of which is to turn players into superheroes who are tasked with defeating monsters that are attempting to destroy a city. The game is a very exciting one thanks to its unusual gameplay and it is sure to appeal to players of all types, but especially those who enjoyed playing the Final Fantasy series. Even so, its main appeal comes from the fact that it has many unique and exciting features. This is a non-progressive game but there are lots of wins to be made. Cloud Quest will be available for mobile and desktop play.

Play’n Go’s Cloud Quest has a 5X5 grid on which players can win money if they get a minimum three matching symbols in a line on the grid. The lines can be horizontal, vertical or even diagonal. Interestingly, the game has five different levels which the players have to work through in order to have a shot at the jackpot which can be 100 times their bet. Each level is entirely different from the other and they have different monsters and dangerous situations that have to be overcome in order to proceed to the next level. Players also have a chance to win back three times their total bet once they have completed the fifth round.

Cloud quest also has a very interesting bonus round during which players have an opportunity to win as many as 20 free spins, in addition to wilds, scatters and multipliers which can help take up their wins considerably. It is very successful at providing a highly interactive experience of the type that players enjoy these days since it is very rich in features.

Like all other video slot games made by Play’n Go, Cloud Quest has fabulous graphics and an excellent sound track. All things considered, it seems that the game has all it takes to keep players enthralled for quite some time. It will be available on a number of casinos powered by Play’n GO. These include Dragonara Casino, Spin Empire Casino, and even Unibet Casino. Since many casinos feature games from Play’n Go, players will easily be able to play it on a site they already have an account with.

Play’n GO is a very well-known name in the gaming industry and it has also received quite a bit of critical and commercial acclaim. As a matter of fact, the company was also awarded Mobile Product of the Year at the International Gaming Awards in London. The company has a portfolio of more than 85 games and it seems to be working very hard to develop games at a fairly regular basis. Fans of slot games will agree that the company will continue to do well as long as it keeps creating winning games on the lines of Cloud Quest.

Red Flush Online Casino Offers Much More Than Gambling Games Like Tiki Island Slot

Online casinos are no doubt places where people go to gamble from the comfort of their homes, but customers these days expect far more than a fantastic selection of games. Most popular online activities have a very strong social element, which is hardly surprising given how popular social media has become. Casinos these days go to great lengths to attract and retain their customers, and one of the most effective ways of doing this is by creating a very active community around gambling. This is because customers like to feel that they are playing against people they know and not just against absolute strangers.

Red Flush Online Casino

Red Flush Online Casino is one of the savviest internet based gambling establishments in operation today since it gives customers exactly what they want. This includes a wide range of exciting games, attractive welcome bonuses and even a thriving online community that can provide customers with added excitement. As a matter of fact, RealDealBet casino has taken the step of roping in five-time heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield to represent it on the internet.

The association between gambling and sports is a very well-established one, and this gives former pro boxers a great opportunity to use their fame to their advantage for as long as possible. In fact, UK boxer Audley Harrison is associated with online poker giant, Full Tilt Poker.

Both gambling companies and athletes stand to gain by associating with one another. Retired boxers and other former athletes are able to retain the glow of their sporting days long after they hang up their sports equipment. One reason for this is that the sports media continues to keep them in the public consciousness. Since the online gambling industry tends to attract lots of sports fans, it is easy to see how this association works.

Companies that sponsor former athletes benefit very much from the online buzz created by their sports-fan customers. Their online communities become venues for extremely heated debates and information about promotional events spreads like wildfire through them.

These tie-ups are great news for former athletes as well since it gives them a great opportunity to extend their earning years. It is an unfortunate fact that athletes have a very short window of opportunity to earn money since their bodies cannot sustain the rigours of an athletic career long into their 30s. In fact, only exceptionally gifted athletes are able to keep playing once they complete their third decade. Furthermore, even if pro boxers and other athletes have been able to earn a lot of money during their career, many of them haven’t been able to manage their finances very well. Therefore, they are extremely eager to endorse online betting companies as and when they get the opportunity.

The question might arise about why online gamers will be excited to see professional boxers as the faces of gambling sites. The answer is very simply that these are highly recognizable faces promoting a product that sports fans enjoy using. There are definitely going to be many more sponsorship deals in the future.

The Increasing Element of Online Gambling In Video Games, Much Like Tiki Island Slot

Granblue Fantasy, the very popular Japanese role-playing video game (JRPG) has landed in a severe controversy. The New Year 2016 has certainly not proved a happy one for the game. It is true that video games disputes are very common in the gambling world but the issues between publishers and the consumers never involve online poker. However, the case is a bit different here. The aspects of misleading advertising and online gambling that revolves around the JRPG are much similar to Internet Poker.

Increasing Element of Online GamblingThe Gacha System

The Gacha system has originated from the vending machines that are operated by coins. In these types of machines, all you need to do is to put in some cash, turn down the lever and then reveal the action figure or toy in the plastic bubble. The operators of these machines have been able to captivate the attention of more and more punters by offering just fewer models of prizes in the machines.

Since players are excited to win that rare accessory in the plastic bubble, they tend to spend huge amounts of money. No doubt, there are very low chances of winning that super rare toy but if you are lucky enough then the risk factor can bring in a giant surprise for you. The Gacha system has become popular in social media games and player love spending real money to get that super toy.

Overview of the Granblue Scandal

In the initial days of the year 2016, the players were offered an opportunity to unlock ‘Antilla’, the infamous character of Granblue. With this, other characters, Beatrice and Justes could also be unlocked with real money. According to the reports, the odds of unlocking Antilla were only about 10 percent, which means that one in hundred could receive the card.

However, this opportunity landed the game in troubles, as players came up with number of complaints. In fact, one of the Japanese players spent about 700,000 Japanese Yen in the quest of Antilla. Therefore, it is clear that social gaming community is much similar to that of online poker. The consumers actually became the victims of a misleading advertising, which is considered the fraud.

Element of Gambling in Social Games

To retain the attention of existing players and attract hundred others, the video game providers have added an element of gambling into it. They have introduced the system of percentage chance to obtain the item by spending in the real money. As a result, the Granblue scandal is much linked to online poker and has landed in disputes. However, video games offer the feature of role-playing, which other games do not offer. On the other hand, online poker will have to look out for some great ways to compete with the social games and introduce the feature of role-playing.

Therefore, video games have walked much ahead of online poker. Nonetheless, online poker has to take steps to add versatility to the games to become popular across the internet.

Exploring and Playing the Exciting Casino Games Like Tiki Island Slot on Smartphones

Exciting Casino Games

The online casinos have swept the entire gambling industry as compared with the traditional casinos. The reasons for the popularity of online casinos are many but the main one is its simplicity and user-friendly feature. When you play games online, you get an easy access to everything with only a few simple clicks.

The best part is that many of these online casinos also offer their mobile version, which means that you enjoy your favorite slots on your tablet or smartphone. All those who wish to play online casino games but do not get much time to do that can switch to their mobile phones. Whether you are in a bus to your office or in a car, you can just log into an online casino and start playing the games. It is quick and easy to start.

Steps to Access Online Casinos and Casino Games Like Tiki Island on Smartphones

Signing Up

If you have already become a member of any particular online casino then things will be easier. You will just have to download the casino app, log in and start playing. However, if you have not joined any casino then you will first have to do a little research about one such reputed casino at which you can sign up. Make sure that you land up with the one offering various promotional offers, match-up bonuses, free bets and free spins. These casinos can be a good start for you for sure. Of course, you can always think of joining various casinos to enjoy the offers of all.


Before you actually start with any particular casino game, you must have at least some knowledge about the game. You can get an access to the detailed information of the games on the website of the casino once you have downloaded the app. It will instruct you regarding how to play, paytable and about other winning combinations of the game. Thus, you must ensure that you have some strategy and tricks in your mind before playing any slot.

Playing With Real Money

If you are planning to make some good earning through online casino then you will have to first link your debit or credit to your casino account. You will then have to deposit funds before starting with the game. If you want the safest banking option then Bitcoin is the best. It ensures the safest transactions without incurring any fees. You will be able to make payments and withdrawals through your phone without any hassles.


After completing all the formalities, it is the time for you to choose your favorite slot and start playing. Whether you want to try your hands at baccarat, blackjack, roulette, craps or other video slots, you can do it all with just your smartphone.


No doubt, online casinos have given an edge to the gambling industry and have contributed greatly to the nation’s wealth. If you have still not tried any casino game on your phone then it is the time to do it now.

Online Casinos Flourish With Games Like Tiki Island Slot While Revenues of Atlantic City Casinos Dip

Revenues of Atlantic City Casinos DipThe overall revenues saw a fall of 3.8 percent in the month of January after a nasty storm hit the would-be patrons of Atlantic City. But that wasn’t a good enough reason to stop New Jerseyans from gambling online. In fact, there was an overall rise of 26.5 percent for January 2016 in the New Jersey internet gambling scene. The overall increase of Atlantic City’s eight casinos had $190.1 million in revenues last month. The massive increase helped keep Atlantic City afloat. NJ Online gambling revenues account for eight percent of that $190.1 million only.

The leader among the four Atlantic City casinos that saw revenue increases last month include Tropicana with 6.6 percent increase of $24 million. The highest monthly revenues were by The Borgata, totaling $56.6 million. The remaining were Harrah’s and Trump Taj Mahal.

Matt Levinsion, is the chairman of the NJ Casino Control Commission recently spoke to the the Associated Press about January’s weak numbers. He said that the month started with New Year’s Holiday Weekend but the whole thing fizzled because of the blizzard hat put two feet of snow in Atlantic City’s major feeder markets. And so, many just couldn’t make it to the venue. That was not all disappointment, for it led to the 26.5 percent hike in revenue from online gambling. The figures seemed to have evened with a little difference in the total figures. One way or another, gamblers find a way to gamble.

Online poker in NJ looked quite nice with its fourth consecutive month of growth. January’s online poker revenues, released by the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement, on February 12, shows that in all, online poker networks brought in $2.2 million.

Month after month of increase in the NJ online gambling industry (that of 8.4 percent) is great but the same situation does not spell out for poker for January was still down year after year. Online poker revenues for January 2015 were $2.3 million. That’s a decent figure but not necessarily a great one.

Although Atlantic City is struggling to get up on its two feet. The competition in states around is alive and kicking. A whole set if January figures have been released by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and it brought to notice that that the overall casino revenues were up 3.6 percent in the month of January. Reports also claim that a little over $71 million in gross revenues was earned in the month of January. Taxes collected from Pennsylvania casinos rounded off to $10 million.

When you pay attention to the fact as to how the Atlantic City is dependent on gambling when you strike a comparison with Pennsylvania, it is not the most glorious thing for the seaside town to witness the neighbouring state’s revenues at over 37 percent of New Jersey’s.

Recently a chart released by the Gaming Control Board showed the growth in the state of Pennsylvania in the year of 2015.

NYX Churns Out Games With the Help of OGS Integration

Open Gaming SystemOpen Gaming System has been introduced by NYX Gaming Group for Dansk Underholdning. What this does is allow the Danish licensed operator to churn out a range of exclusive, patented and third party content for all of its iGaming brands.

The Open Gaming System will be open for public very soon and across the operator’s brands which will include, and The last one of the brands has been recently acquired. These are powered and run by EveryMatrix with the help of GamMatrix back-end solution as well as CasinoEngine which is a content aggregator.

Dansk Underholdning who is the CEO Peter Eugen Clausen said that he was thankful for this new association. He feels that this partnership will be beneficial for everyone. Websites such as these will be adding many of NYX’s finest online casino games which will include online slots like DoublePlay Superbet, Gorilla Go Wild, Spin Sorceress and DJ Wild which have been leading the board. Along with this they will also include games such as online blackjack and roulette.

Adding to this, he said that players will have a lot to pick from as there will be a diverse selection of first-rate casino games to choose from. The innovative games studios will include NextGen Gaming, Thunderkick and Elk Studios. It is no surprise that that then the decision to bring NYX OGS to our players was an easy one.

David Flynn, the NYX executive vice president of business development also mirrored similar appreciation and said he was very kicked to enter into the partnership with Dansk Underholdning. Honestly, anyone in his place would have all the reason to be.

He said that they are an experienced gaming company and they believe in delivering an innovative gaming experience in the market like Danish iGaming which is constantly under scrutiny and regulations. He is happy to see that they see the value in the OGS product diversity and quality of content both for desktop and mobile devices. And he is looking forward to growing together in this market that continuously expanding.

By open gaming we mean the practice of publishing content such as rules and sourcebooks. These are issued under a free content or open content license. This grants permission to modify, copy and redistribute most of the content on the internet.

The term was coined by Ryan Dancey and he used it to ‘open’ strictly and with reference to the open source movement. He explained how the Dominion RPG’s original licence as ‘pseudo-open’ and admitted that games like Fuzion and FUDGE that did not allow commercial reuse and how they could come under the open gaming mantle in case they adopted liberal terms like the Open Game License.

Ryan Dancey founded the Open Gaming Foundation and maintained a definition of an ‘Open Game license’ while it was active, with two criteria:

  1. The license must allow game rules and materials that use game rules to be freely copied, modified and distributed.
  2. The license must ensure that material distributed using the license cannot have those permissions restricted in the future.