Monster Roller is a Hybrid Slot Game with Amazing Features Just Like Tiki Island Slot

Monster RollerSlot machines like Tiki Island are changing and acquiring new dimensions. Whether they are the controls or just the symbols, everything is changing and becoming more interactive. Boomzap has come up with a new slot game called Monster Roller that is filled with the world of monsters that dominate the entire battlefield. The game is immersive and fun to play and the sight of the cute monsters is even more exciting. The monster battle is fun and very interesting as the game progresses.

The game which released worldwide on 27th January, 2016 is based on a lot of strategy. There is obviously luck involved in the game. The game is available for everyone to play on their mobile phones. The game is simple with a slot machine with an exciting combat system that is hybrid. It is also available on iTunes App Store and also in Google Store. Some of the other languages that the game is available are in Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Taglish.

Monster Roller, just like the name suggests, is filled with monsters surrounding the area. You become the Roller and your task is to make sure you tame all the wild monsters that come your way. These monsters are everywhere, from the taverns to the castles. You can collect 20 of them and get extra bonuses. There is also the player vs player version available. The theme of the game is pretty simple where the roller fights with the monsters to take charge of the dominion, and in turn amass great wealth. Hence, you can challenge your friends and play against each other in this great interactive and new game.

Some of the features of the game are listed below:

  • The game is pretty small; hence you can easily download it. There are just 40 monsters and is about 50MB only.
  • You can play the game offline as well. The online version is also available. When you are playing offline, it is usually the computer that will be playing against you.
  • All the monsters have their unique abilities, advantages and disadvantages. Since there are just 40 monsters, it is easy for you to catch all of them. You also have to catch about 12 eggs that are very unique to the game.
  • You have the option of playing the game for free as well. You do not need to use any of your gems or the energy to acquire eggs.

Otherwise, the game’s mechanics are very easy to grasp. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the monsters and their behaviour. Once you figure out which monsters will help you along the way, most of the game is figured out. The designer of the game, Sara Santillan says that they purposely made the game a little easy so that there is a learning curve. The game has already started winning accolades and rewards. It won the Game of the Year in Philippines at the ESGS Indie Arena in 2015 and also the Best Game Art in 2015 at the GDAP Awards.

Tiki Island Slot and Expectations from Casino Games and Online Gambling in 2016

It is not surprising to notice that with each and every passing year, online gambling is gaining more and more popularity. And this is not only in the case of online casino games, but sports betting as well. More and more people are making the shift from land-based casinos to online casinos, which is promising. The online gambling industry is also becoming one of the most profitable ventures in the market as of now. In the year 2015, online gambling really soared in terms of attracting more customers and investors to games like Tiki Island slot. Many new casinos were launched and more games were introduced. Several countries changed their laws and made online gambling legal. Some did it because of pressure from the people and some did it to generate more revenue.

Online Gambling in 2016

New Online Casinos Will Be Created

Well, if 2015 was a great year for gambling enthusiasts, 2016 will prove to be even bigger and better. With new casinos being opened up across the world and more people joining in the bandwagon; it seems like a party throughout the year. Now, the competition in the online gambling world has increased exponentially and different companies in the market are trying extremely hard to stay at the top and serve their customers better. Since this is happening, the games are being made keeping the customer’s needs in mind, which is a positive step. Hence, this will become a boon for gamers who play online because now not only will they get better service, but more options as well.

Mobile Popularity Will Continue to Grow

Last year, online gaming captured the Internet and many people played on their computers. Now, most of the casinos have started an app of their casino which you can download, and play games on it as well. This is a smart move since everyone owns a smartphone. Many casinos have now implemented that option and in 2016, you will notice that all the games can be played with the click of your mobile phone only.

The Rise of Bitcoin Casinos

This trend was noticed in 2015 where the casinos that offered the Bitcoin in online casinos have become more popular. If this is effectively organised as a banking option then more people will be comfortable using it. Currently there are just few Bitcoin casinos operating such as Vegas Casinos and Bit Casino. But, in this new year, we will be expecting more of them.

More Countries and States Will Seek to Regulate Online Gambling

Europe has always been fairly lenient when it comes to online gambling. But come 2016 and more and more countries are making the laws more flexible. In the EU, the European Commission oversees the gambling operations in all the countries. Even in the US, the government has allowed online gambling to be organised at the state level. There are more and more states that are looking at legalising online gambling rather than banning it. It has several benefits, the biggest is the revenue that the government will generate with the gambling operations.

Casino-Mate and Other Casinos Make Many Rich This New Year

The New Year has brought with it some great time that we’ve been looking forward to, especially when it comes to anything to do with Casino-Mate players who have got some huge wins this January and there is more expected as we move to the next month. February means big payouts.

Casino-MateSo it looks like it is going to be a very Happy New Year indeed as we can a large number of players at Casino-Mate as well as other casinos that belong to the Vegas Partner Lounge group having their hands and pockets full with more money than they can handle. It seems to be the season for massive wins.

There are many websites that are seeing to this, namely Crazy Vegas Casino, Maple Casino, Golden Riviera and Casino-Mate. All of them have witnessed their players picking up big prizes that has left everyone with mouths agape. These include €26,394 that was won by J.M. and a close €25,484 that was won by F.W. Both of this massive winnings have been collected at Casino-Mate. Similar wins were made in other Vegas Partner sites, L.A. won €12,256 and S.W. won €16,420. Hearts and pockets have certainly been full of late.

It is to be noted that to keep the identity of the players safe, Casino-Mate and other online casinos have decided to reveal only the initials to the general public.

These websites are laden with offers for new players and they can find themselves amidst great introductory deals. All of this is to egg them towards the game by giving them a great start to the game. Casino-Mate, Crazy Vegas, Golden Riviera and other casinos of the likes have come up with enticing introductory offers for players who are new to the game. Funds of the like can help players enjoy a wide variety of games at exciting websites. What this will do is give players many opportunities get listed among the big winners.

Max Stern, who is a spokesperson for the group revealed that this year seems terribly lucky with players as the casino expects to make more people richer. You can play and win great bonus funds and see for yourself how this is such a great way to get people to come and have a good time. The number of winners fall in a longer list with every passing day and Casino-Mate is looking at a big influx of new players all of whom are super kicked to join this elite group of players gone big.

Since its inception in the year 2001, Casino-Mate has made big name for itself and more so among players from Australia along with players from all parts of the world. The same has been powered by Microgaming and lays out the best kind of games for you. Each time seasoned players return to the magic of games based on Jurassic Park, Game of Thrones, Thunderstruck and others, as well as millionaire-maker jackpots Mega Moolah, Major Millions and their famous counterparts.

Sphinx 3D – The Newest Slot in the Casino World

All those casino lovers who have been eagerly waiting for a 3D display technology game will be glad with this new game. Sphinx 3D has been recently added to the product line of True3D. This game is a part of new generation slot machines and is sure to captivate the attention of player across the globe. Sphinx is based on the Egyptian theme and has very attractive features.Sphinx 3D

The Game’s Advanced Technology

SeeFront, a German engineering firm that uses a unique technology, has designed Sphinx. This technology is termed as ‘Autostereoscopic Technology’, which can detect the player’s position with the help of integrated eye-tracking system. Through this latest technology, the screen automatically adjusts itself according to the position of the player. Thus, if you are the one who has a habit of jumping through their seats will not find any issues with the screen. The screen will adjust irrespective of the angle at which you are positioned. At all times, you will get complete clarity of the screen and access to it.

About Sphinx 3D

While talking about Sphinx 3D, it is a 5-reel game with 30 pay lines. It is an ideal game for all those who love action-based games. It offers the maximum of seven bonuses out of which, two bonuses are a part of the base game. If you want to trigger that Sphinx bonus selection then you are required to hit the three Sphinx symbols present in the base game. As you keep on increasing the size of your bets, the selection of the bonuses also increases.

The game has perfect audio quality and themed side panels to offer the unique casino gaming experience to the players. The cabinet of the game has been designed with GTECH AXXIS technology and it aims at providing full comfort to the players and engages them well into the 3D visuals of the game. Not only this, you will also get the opportunity to customize the interface of the game.

Further, the game involves the most advanced touch screen technology and high-resolution button panel. The best part is that this True 3D is captured on a big LCD screen, which is further placed beneath the 39 inches CD cabinet. This cabinet is of full HD resolution, which attracts the players to the casino floor. For a comfortable seating, an ergonomically multimedia chair has been designed for the players with rumble and sound-focused effects.

The Bottom Line

The interest of the new generation is increasing towards the casino gaming but they are let down by the older technology of the games. To keep their interest intact, the casinos are constantly coming up with newer technologies like Sphinx 3D. The game was opened for the players for the first time in Tropicana Casino and Resort Casino present in Atlantic City. Until date, the game has received a great response from the players and is expected to allure more in the future.  Thus, you should surely try this game if you have not played it yet.

Amaya to Launch Sports Betting in Europe Ahead of Euro 2016

Gambling and sports betting biggie Amaya Gaming is going head with its plans to expand its services to the European online sports wagering business. The company recently announced that it intends to launch sports betting services in Italy and France ahead of the UEFA Champions cup scheduled to be held in the months of June and July. The football world is in a fever of excitement on account of this championship which will take place between the 10th of June and the 10th of July in different cities in France.

Amaya intends to rake in the business that will undoubtedly take place during this major football event since Europeans (and people from different parts of the world) enjoy betting on sporting events. Betting is a great way to take ones participation in sports to a deeper level and bookmakers offer a wide range of products during important events. It is legal in many parts of Europe and therefore the business is well developed here. While the United Kingdom and Germany are the biggest sports being markets in Europe, they are closely followed by France and Italy.

There are plenty of sporting events taking place every year but Euro 2016 is one of biggest ones in the football calendar. Not only will large numbers of people tune into the action, but many will hope to make some money by betting on various outcomes. It therefore makes a great deal of sense for Amaya to want a piece of the action (as will many other online bookmakers). The company offers sports betting via its newly launched company called BetStars, an offshoot of PokerStars.

Interim chief executive officer of Amaya, Rafi Askenazi, spoke to investors and newspersons about the imminent launch of the sports betting product in two well-established jurisdictions. He indicated that while the service would be launched in Italy in the immediate future, the company was still working out details with the French gambling regulating body ARJEL. While the deal wasn’t yet closed, he said that efforts were on to finalise it ahead of the start of Euro 2016. It has to be pointed out, however, that Askenazi’s confidence seemed trifle forced given that the launch of the company’s sportsbook vertical has faced many delays and investors have voiced their disappointment on account of it.

Amaya, through PokerStars, has a strong presence in France where it is the second largest poker operator. It also has a strong presence in Italy. The company is sure to bring its customary aggressive approach to its product launches in Europe and it is sure to saturate the market with advertising campaigns and promotional activities. It seems very likely that the company will increase its revenues overall via this vertical. Amaya owned gaming sites operate in different jurisdictions all over the world and they feature a wide range of exciting games. The company’s gambling sites offer games made by leading developers such as Net Entertainment, and players can try their hand at games such as Tiki Island slot.