Tips to Play Keno Slot Machines

Keno is a very popular gambling game found in casinos, and very often placed adjacent to the slot machines. An interesting fact about this game is that it is based upon a game that was played in China thousands of years ago. You are also bound to find Keno games on online casinos because there is great demand for them. You can easily pick out the Keno machines in a casino because of their bright digital displays that look just like slot machines (just look at a Tiki Island slot game) and also because of the people standing in front of them, eagerly hoping for a win!

Play KenoOne reason why Keno is so popular with gamblers is that it is extremely simple to play. There really isn’t any technique to this game since all it consists of is picking certain numbers and hoping that they match the numbers that are selected by the machine. As a matter of fact, Keno is not very different from a lottery. The numbers displayed during each game are selected by a Random Number Generator which ensures that they are picked entirely by chance and that there is nothing you can do to make any particular numbers appear.

The other reason for this game’s popularity is its huge prizes. In fact, it is very much like slots and lotteries in that you can win really big amounts of money for a small wager of £1 or less.

The steps to play Keno are as follows:

  • Feed your money into the Keno machine and choose a denomination of your wager. Its best to choose an amount that won’t exhaust your bankroll very soon so that you can have quite a few goes at the machine.
  • Next, choose your lucky numbers. Most machines permit you to choose a minimum of 2 numbers and a maximum of 12 numbers from the options available on the screen. Most Keno games offer 80 different numbers to choose from and you are required to tap on the ones you want to select. In case you wish to change your choice before you submit the numbers then you can tap on the numbers twice to remove your selection. You can get a bigger prize depending on how many numbers you get right.
  • Once you have made your final selection then you can hit the play button. The computer will do its job and display numbers that have been selected at random. In case you get a match then the money you win will be added to your account.
  • In case you want to keep playing with the same numbers over and over again then you just have to press the play button after each game. There is also an erase option in case you want to feed in new numbers.

Keno is not a fast paced game and as such it is perfect for when you want to relax after an exciting gambling session. You can play small amounts of money on every game in order to make your session last for as long as possible.

The Best Software Companies for Online Slot Games

Visitors to casinos find it very hard to resist the pull of slot games. These noisy and colourful games always have a crowd of people trying their luck because they are extremely easy to play. Land based casinos place these slot machines at locations where they can be seen by other gamblers. It’s pretty much the same thing in an online casino where the lion’s share of revenues comes from online slot games. In fact, online casinos feature a very wide range of slot games because this is a sure shot way to attract customers and also get them to keep coming back for more. Unlike old fashioned ‘one arm bandits’, these games have exciting themes, fabulous graphics and sound effects to match. The prizes available from online slots are also very attractive when compared to the ones offered at land based casinos.

Best Software CompaniesThere are a few companies that specialize in making high quality slot games, and their games have immense fan followings within the gaming community. These companies are:

Net Entertainment

Popularly known as NetEnt, this company develops gaming software in-house, mostly using Java which means that the games can be played very easily. Java is available for free download and therefore it is a popular option for online games. NetEnt has made more than 50 immensely popular games so far. These games are notable for their high quality graphics and sound quality. Slot games from NetEnt also have fabulous and innovative themes that add very much to their overall appeal. NetEnt slot games tend to come with many different options for language support, which enables them to be played in many countries all over the world. This is an important feature since gambling is popular all over the world.


One of the most innovative companies in the gaming software manufacture business, Betsoft has come up with games that have changed the gaming experience tremendously. This company has pioneered the use of 3D technology for slot games as well as many interactive features. In fact, online gamers have now come to expect high quality gaming thanks to the quality and graphics of Betsoft games. The company also makes games with extremely interesting themes.

Sheriff Gaming

A relative newcomer to the gaming software industry, this company has released 25-odd fabulous 3D games in the last year alone. The company also runs some highly interesting progressive jackpots by linking games to a network of other games. These progressive games are unusual in that you don’t have to wager a whole lot of money in order to qualify for the jackpot.

It’s important to know which games are made by these gaming software manufacturers so that you can play them. You’ll love the enhanced gaming experience offered that includes not just excellent production values but also enhanced interaction with the game. As a matter of fact, people who love gambling online choose a casino to play on based upon which company has provided it with software. This is why many casinos feature games from more than one manufacturer.

The 3 Simple Rules of Playing Slots Online

For an average gambler the market is full of options. There is poker, there is roulette and then there are slot machines. The variations on these basic games have created completely new kind of games altogether. Like in poker there is a seven card stud, Texas Hold’em and Blackjack.

Tiki Island slots are the most likely picked choice for a lot of players because they are the easiest to play and are cheap.  The rules of the game are pretty simple too.

3 Simple RulesIn fact, there are only three rules that need to be adhered to and then you are on your way:

#1-Put Some Money on the Table

The traditional slot machine will require you to just insert some coins. You get to decide the highest bet you are willing to make and the same will be deducted from your account.

#2-Click and Go!

Click to press the button and get the reels to spin.

#3-Sit Still and Cross Your Fingers

This step is probably the most difficult and you wait, hope and pray to win.

And that is all! This might as well be the easiest game in the world to play, as long as you have a bag full of coins at your disposal. Although there is a catch to this as well for the trick is to understand how to pay lines. Lines look different in every game since there are so many ways you can dress up a slot machine. Most of them have three to five reels displaying some fruit or bars or numbers.

The pay table will tell you what every image stands for. The cherry stands for something the bar stands for something. The pay table will have the cross sign (x) against all symbols to indicate the number of times you will win over your initial bet. So 100x against an apple symbol, for example will mean you will win hundred time your bet if the slot draws apples.

This is pretty much all the information you need when it comes to playing Tiki Island slots online. Apart from this there are terms like bet per line, bet max, hold and all lines are simple to understand. By Bet max means the player will bet the maximum bet that is possible on the machine. When you bet all lines, you are betting on all the pay lines on the machine. When you are picking your own lines to make a bet on you’re making bet per line.

Apart from this the only thing that you need to keep in mind while playing is to not play mindlessly. Sure slots and great fun and require zero skill to ace, but it is with games like these that the participant has a tendency to get carried away. When you’re playing a single game, the coin as a bet seems like a small amount, but in truth no one actually ever ends up playing just one game when it comes to slots.

8 Slots Tips that will Increase Your Chances of Winning!

Slot game is considered to be one of the easiest of casino games and an enjoyable one too. However since no one would enjoy a situation wherein lots of money is being lost, it is necessary to ensure that money is not squandered at the slot game. Failure to do so would obviously result in players losing interest in the game. Useful tips to win at slots and enjoy the game for ever are listed here.

8 Slots Tips#1-Play Within Your Means

Often players encounter stiff financial constraints at online casinos due to lack of budgeting practices. Since they do not draw a line beforehand on when to stop playing they tend to go overboard and lose all their hard earned money at the online slot games. Thus without budgeting how much money could be spent at the online casino on games like Tiki island slot, if players play the game then they would be forced to regret later.

#2-Understand Random Number Generator

If players do not appreciate how the numbers and patterns in the slot machines are randomly generated they continue to believe in myths about how to beat the computer and win the slot game, only to lose heavily.

#3-Non-stop Functioning of Machines

Slot machines function even when no one is playing in it. Hence it is not right to assume that if a person had stayed on for just a little longer then he could have got the casino money which had gone to the person taking over from him.

#4-The Coin Sizes

Players should dispel the idea that playing the maximum coins means more chances of a win. But the number of coins does help the player in getting higher casino money, in the event of winning.

#5-Coins and Progressive Slots

But when a player has preferred to play progressive slots, then the maximum benefits would accrue only when the player plays from more coins. Failure to do so would result in the player ending up with lower casino returns.

#6-Membership Cards

When a player gets fond of Tiki island slot game and wishes to play the game consistently, it would benefit him if he takes up the membership at the site. Since enrolling as members entitle the players many offers, discounts and freebies at the site.

#7-Importance of Payback Percentages

Since payback in a casino is the average money paid out to the players over a period of time, a high payout does not necessarily mean that a player is guaranteed of a win. Playing Tiki island slot game from an online casino offering 99% payout does not mean that the win for the player is just round the corner. It is however important to know that the payout percentage in an online casino is comparatively better than that in a live casino.

#8-Prefer Loose Slots

It is theoretically easy to ask one to play in a ‘loose’ slot for gains, but practically it is an uphill task.

How to Cleverly Choose Slot Games at Bingo Websites?

An interesting finding which has now be observed at online bingo sites is that the bingo fans prefer to relax with slots in between their stints at the bingo games. Since slots provide the best option to relax with their entertaining and easy-to-play games the bingo players have chosen this mode of entertainment in between their games. With numerous choices available in slot games, the problem confounding the bingo players is one of excesses.

Tips to Choose Slot Games

Slot Games at Bingo WebsitesBingo players before entering the slot sites should decide what they are looking for at the slot games. If they are purely looking for some entertainment they have the option of choosing slot games in variety of themes. Games like double bubble slot are easy to play as well as highly entertaining and therefore are often chosen by bingo players who wish to take a break from the bingo games. However if a bingo player aims to make some quick and easy money then the right choice for such players is the progressive slots. Since in the progressive slot games, as the player progresses to higher levels the amount he is likely to win also increases.

Big Money at Progressive Slots

Some of the progressive slots offered by leading casino software provider- Microgaming- like the ‘Mega moolah’, and ‘Clover rollover’ offer players very high jackpot money and are widely chosen by bingo players who wish to take up the slot games. However conservative bingo players, who do not wish to take risks by playing games with high profits, settle for progressive slot games jackpot amount which are not that lucrative. Though the jackpot money in such progressive slots could be low, the chances of winning them are much higher than those progressive slot games where the jackpot money is very high.

Slot Games at Bingo Websites

Now the bingo sites realising the potential of slots have started offering slot games. To give a good choice of slot games for selection to their players, the bingo sites have been liberally including many traditional 5 reel as well as 3 reel slot games to their repertoire of games. But to provide unique content and experience to their loyal bingo players, features like free spins and bonus rounds are included in the slot games at the bingo sites. These features augment the chances of the players in winning prize money at the casinos while guaranteeing top class entertainment.

Popular Slot Games at Bingo Websites

With slots available in variety of themes, bingo players are having a great time in enjoying slot games in themes popularized in TV programs like Deal or No deal and X-factor. The high payouts offered here make it doubly attractive for players as they have a better chance of winning useful casino money. Bingo players thus have started the trend of relaxing in between their games in other casino games and by their resourcefulness are even earning attractive money in the slot games.