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Where can I play Tiki Island Slot?

Tiki Island video slot is a highly popular online video slot, which is powered by Gamesys Group.  It has featured on their sites for many years and is now as popular as ever.  If you arelooking for a new site to sign up with, where you can play the game, then check out the following:

Bingo sites that offer Tiki Island slot

Heart Bingo – Deposit £10 Get £50

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All new players get a 200% deposit bonus to play with when they sign up for free. If you deposit £10, then you will get £30 to play with.

A daily free game will give you the chance of getting free spins and winning.

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JackpotJoy – 250% Bonus When Depositing

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JackpotJoy is Gamesys’ flagship bingo site.  If you refer the website to a friend and they sign up on it as well, then you are entitled to a bonus worth £20 absolutely free.

The VIP section gives you access to exciting prizes, birthday bonus and personal advice as well.

It has five reels and 20 pay lines. It is a non-progressive video slot, which gives you the chance to win a jackpot of 20,000 coins.

Click to Get 250% Free up to £250!

Starspins – 200% Welcome Bonus

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Click to Get 250% Free up to £200!

More about Tiki Island Slot

It has symbols like the wild and scatter. The option of a bonus game as well as free spins is also available.

The betting range starts from 1p and goes up to $10. The Tiki Island video slot offers two modes: Expert and Regular. If you play in the expert mode, you’ll have access to certain advanced features!

The Adventurous Theme of Tiki Island Slot

Tiki Island video slot is developed by the Gamesys Group, one of the leading software providers in the industry.

The theme for the Tiki Island video slot is fun and quite exciting. The screen appears like one of the areas in the Pacific seas.

The scatter and the wild symbols also have good animation. All the buttons are in sync with the theme of the slot.

Getting Started with Tiki Island Slot

  • The first thing to decide in the Tiki Island video slot is the coin size. You can increase or decrease the coin size by the buttons available on the display screen.
  • If you want to add more coins or pay lines, hit Bet One.
  • If you want to activate all the pay lines, then select Bet Max.
  • You will be paid out using the Regular Payout Schedule.
  • The wild and scatter symbols will help you make winning combinations.

You can play the Tiki Island video slot at any one of these online casinos.

Stan James Casino

Stan James CasinoAll new players will get five free spins to play Tiki Island slot. Apart from normal video slots, you can also play premium and bonus slots.

There are regular promotions running throughout the week. If you play the bonus game, then on a deposit of £5, you get £10 to play with.

If you play certain games via mobile, you get cash back too. On Saturdays, you get a chance of winning up to 10 free spins.

Payment methods include PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, debit and credit cards and many more.

Wicked Jackpots

Wicked Jackpots CasinoFor first time players, a huge bonus of 350% awaits you.

They also offer jackpots that can go over £ 1 million.

In the VIP bonus zone, avail of special bonuses and free spins. There are three levels in the VIP section-Silver, Gold and Platinum. Depending on how often you play at Wicked Jackpots, your VIP level will increase automatically.

Payment options include Neteller, Skrill, debit and credit cards and much more.

Play Tiki Island Slot on the Best Bingo Sites!

If you really enjoy playing slots, then you should give Tiki Island slot game a try. This five reel and 20 pay line video slot game is one of the more impressive ones released by world-renowned developer and publisher Gamesys.

As the name indicates, it is themed around a South Sea Island. You’ll love the quality of its animation, which makes the game come alive on your screen.

There’s a good reason to play Tiki Island slot, apart from the obvious loads of fun it offers, and it is the main prize worth a whopping £100,000!

That’s not an inconsiderable amount at all, especially if you consider that it’s possible to win it by wagering a small amount of money.

Your starting wager on this slot game is 1p per pay line, but you can increase that up to £10 per pay line.

Of course, if you want to increase the chances of winning, then you need to activate more pay lines. There are a total of 20 in this slot game.

This game has plenty of extra features to keep you busy for a long time. You’ll love its Puffer Fish and Tiki Island Nuts bonus games because of the excitement they offer.

Of course, you’ll also love the extra money you can win if your bonus games are successful.

It is pretty easy to find a site that features the Tiki Island slot game.

In fact, any site that has Gamesys software is likely to have this game considering that lots of people love to play it.

Some of the most popular bingo sites that offer Tiki Island slot game have been mentioned below.

Sun Bingo

sun-bingoArguably one of the most popular bingo sites in the UK, Sun Bingo also has plenty of people coming in for its slot games.

The fantastic bonuses and promotions offered by this site are without doubt a major reason to play here.

The site offers a 300% welcome bonus up to a maximum limit of £300, and this is a great way to extend your playing time.

The site is also a very reliable one, as its many members will attest.

Heart Bingo

Heart BingoThis is another immensely popular site because it offers good promotions on a frequent basis. Its welcome bonus of 200% up to a limit of £200 is no doubt very good and it also offers a good customer referral programme.

The site has an impressive array of games to suit the needs of novices and experts alike.

You’ll definitely enjoy the experience of playing on this site and will want to come back for more.

Jackpotjoy Bingo

Jackpotjoy BingoIf you are eager to get a good starting bonus, then this is another very good site for you because of its 250% welcome bonus.

The bonuses and offers don’t stop there, however, because the site launches new promotions from time to time.

This is a very well-run and reliable site and you won’t have any issues with withdrawing your money subject to certain terms and conditions.

It is very important to find a good online casino where you can gamble without any interruptions.

You can then play these games from home whenever you please.


Yggdrasil to Gain Even More with Empire Fortune Slot

Yggdrasil has recently launched its newest slot called the Empire Fortune with the most amazing features ever. It is known that this slot actually shares a jackpot pool with another gaming title called Joker Millions. The gaming provider is already doing very well with its existing portfolio of games, but the Empire Fortune slot has made its pocket even bigger.

About the Empire Fortune Slot

The Empire Fortune Slot is a 5 reel game with 10 pay lines in all. The entire theme of the game is majestic and strong enough to captivate the attention of the players across the world. It features a room filled with gold and different kinds of jewels and gems against this backdrop. The game has different bonus modes and three progressive jackpots. Players can enjoy playing it on their iPads, iPhones, Androids, desktops and tablets. The average return to the player (RTP) percentage of Empire Fortune slot is around 95.5%.

The Bonus Modes

While talking about the bonus modes of this particular slot, they are many. To start with, the slot features free spins feature, which gets triggered by 3 or more than three free spin logos. For instance, when you get 3 spins, you are awarded with 10 free spins with a 2x multiplier, 4 free spin logos offer you 20 free spins with 4x multiplier and likewise, 5 logos offers you 30 free spins with 10x multiplier. It simply hints at the improved chances of winning at this game. Another interesting feature is that when you two free spin logos appear in the main game, you can held an extra spin by paying 3x of your wager. It is called the Hold feature where a tiny investment is required to acquire greater returns.

Another bonus mode of this game includes the jackpot wheel. The jackpot wheel gets triggered with three or more bonus symbols. Here, you will see a golden cake appearing on the screen with a ruby on its top. The jackpot is very simple to understand, as you just need to spin the wheel and acquire cash. However, it is very important for you to know about the entire game mechanics. You must know that you can win up to 250x of your wager and that the game has up to 30 free spins with a 10x multiplier. In addition, this slot has a mystery cash prize that can pay you anything from 25x to 500x your wager. On the other hand, a re-spin actually offers you cash between 2x to 50x of your bet placed.

The third bonus mode is the fireworks mode. In this very mode, 3, 6 or 12 rockets are blasted. The most fascinating part is that they blast onto the jackpot wheel and can hit any 1 out of the three progressive jackpots available. No doubt, the fireworks look amazing and are the major attraction of Empire Fortune slot.

In the Words of Jonas

The Product owner for Games at Yggdrasil, Jonas Strandman has mentioned that Empire Fortune has become popular due to its progressive jackpot feature. He said that this game is a new breed of such a progressive jackpot and is sure to offer a unique gaming experience to all its fans. It will strengthen its customer base with more and more players getting engaged in this slot and becoming an addict to it. It is true that Yggdrasil’s slots has a strong grip over the market with its collection of in-game promotional tools and strategies.

Thus, it is quite clear that Yggdrasil is going to make it really rich through the Empire Fortune Slot in the future.

Clarifies Grey Market Issues

New Jersey Clarifies Grey Market Issues Regarding Online Gambling Licenses

The online gambling market is no doubt a very big one, but gambling operators often participate in grey markets as well. It is also a fact that the business operates best when it gets the right kind of regulation since this protects the interests of all parties concerned, and especially that of individual gamblers. The gambling regulator in the US state of New Jersey has obviously tried to pre-empt any problems concerning the issue of grey market operations by providing clarity on its position regarding the subject.

New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) recently made its position known by publishing an advisory bulletin on the topic. The bulletin details the level of exposure to grey markets that the DGE would accept among its internet gambling licensees. David Rebuck, director of DGE, released this bulletin in order to ensure that online operators do not run into any licensing issues.

According to the DGE, grey markets are those jurisdictions where there is question about the authenticity and legality of online gaming operations. Black markets are defined as those jurisdictions where the governments have passed laws to ensure that online gambling is banned and taken concrete steps to enforce these legislations, or at least issued unambiguous official statements that internet gaming is not legal.

Based upon the above definitions, any operator which is licensed in New Jersey is prohibited to offer its services in any place which is a black market. If a New Jersey gambling licensee is found to have operated in a black market then it will be deemed to not have the required character properties necessary for a license. In other words, the company stands the risk of losing its license.

The DGE is unlikely to take any action against a gambling operator that does business in grey markets since the lack of clarity in the market will not be held against it. It also explained that this situation would be maintained as long as the jurisdiction had not yet taken any specific steps against these internet based operators.

The DGE also noted that its task isn’t very easy since legal issues can very often be interpreted especially with regards to the legality of internet based gambling in other jurisdictions. For instance, the European Union is currently at odds with a few of its member states regarding gambling issues. At the same time, the DGE also assured its licensees that it would ensure that there wouldn’t be any issues arising from differences in judgement between two country’s authority.

The issue regarding grey market activity has most probably arisen on account of the problems faced by PokerStars and Bwin.party. PokerStars which is owned by Amaya Gaming has run into problems in Russia where online poker isn’t as yet officially permitted to operate. The issue with Bwin.party has happened after the company was purchased by GVC Holdings which is believed to be a major operator in markets that do not take a kind view to online gambling. In fact, the company recently announced that it would launch operations in many markets that did not permit online gambling.


ESSA on a Mission to Kick Out Illegal Betting Operators

ESSA, a very popular not for profit organisation has always remained focused on safeguarding the sports integrity and providing players with a secure playing environment. In an interview, Khalid Ali, the Secretary General of the organisation commented on the organisation’s steps to protect the same. Ali remarked that the project in this direction has achieved another milestone in the progress of collaboration between different stakeholders.

These stakeholders are aimed at picking out the criminals and others who are running these gaming activities illegally. Ali further added that a responsible gaming operator always promotes legal gambling activities. Such operators always want the sports environment to be free of any manipulations and they are ready to do anything in order to achieve that.

ESSA Reports

ESSA follows a two-tiered system. In its first phase, it follows a warning system wherein it send the alerts to the suspicious operators and other related people illegally involved in the sports. The media informing about the inputs that the organisation receives from its members has revealed the warning system of ESSA. The members who are detected through the internal control systems of ESSA are given warning alerts.

According to the reports of ESSA, the organisation has detected almost around 11 instances of doubtful betting patterns. The authorities have made it clear that all these instances have taken place in the first month of the year 2016 only. While talking about the sports with the highest suspicious wagering, tennis topped the list. Besides this, football and baseball were also on the list. However, the organisation revealed that nine significant corrupt possibilities were also detected.

In addition to this, the organisation also detected the area where the suspicious betting activities take place at the highest level. It revealed that areas under the Asian jurisdiction were detected with five such cases earlier this year. Moving on further was Europe with 3 cases and then Latin America and Arica. The latter two were reported to have officials with dubious betting patterns and forms.

The Bottom Line

ESSA is determined to drive out all the criminals involved in the sport. When it comes to the funding, the European Commission supports the operations and the entire activities of the organisation. On the other hand, the European Commission has also remarked that it will remain committed to cease match-fixing operations across the nation with the help of ESSA System. This simply means that both EC and ESSA have joined hands to throw away the illegal bettors and operators across the professional support. The report of ESSA came out on the day when EU was celebrating its sports integrity day.

This day is designed to make the stakeholders aware about the illegal activities and protect the sports lovers. It aims at reinforcing key education messages about the integrity of the sports. Therefore, it is clearly visible that ESSA is taking all the possible measures to provide a safe sports betting environment to all the players. In future, the organisation is sure to take many more measures that are effective.

Expansion of Gambling

The Arguments and Claims to Cease the Expansion of Gambling

According to Joan Mell, the attorney for the Amusement Device Operators, people love pushing buttons at casinos, hear bells and whistles. The players are attracted to the flashing lights of the game. However, a handful of state legislators of Washington are seeing red in these bright flashing lights.

The Claim Against the State

The organisation of Joan Mell has recently filed a claim of $15 million against the state, according to media reports. The claim has been filed, as the legislators consider that the latest devices in the Lakewood casinos and their multiplication in the state is just an act of expansion of gambling. In addition to this, Mell also remarks that it is important to review a decision that has already been made.

In last July, the State Gambling Commission gave permission to the slot machines. As a result, 400 machines have developed until date and are expanding with each passing day. However, some lawmakers are now planning to do the weeding of these machines. In the words of House Minority Floor Leader J.T. Wilcox and House Majority Leader Pat Sullivan, every necessary action is being taken to pull back the rapid expansion of gambling.

It has come as a surprise that $15 million claim has been filed for backing out on what already exists. In the year 2004, the Entertainment Industry Association (EIC) pushed for the enforcement of slot machine bill, which later took the form of Initiative 892. Under this initiative, it was decided that 19,000 slot machines were placed in the non-tribal casinos, bowling alleys, taverns and restaurants. these machines will be placed in the entire state of Washington.

Reintroduction of Slot Machines

Dolores Chiechi, executive director of the Recreational Gaming Association (RGA) of Washington and the very popular Sister to Maria mentioned in the year 2008 that the reintroduction of the slot machines has remained only in the minds. This simply means that the intention of reintroducing slot machines in order to make non-tribal casinos capable to competing with the tribes has not been implemented practically. On the other hand, representatives of the RGA stated in the same year that the wagering limit should be increased and more players must be allowed per table. It is true that earlier in the year 2003, the commission denied baccarat considering it as the expansion of gambling.

The Bottom Line

In 2009, many speakers were in favor of the slot machines in the public hearing held on House Bill 2162. Lakewood City Council Candidate, Jason Whalen; Lakewood City Mayor, Doug Richardson, Lakewood Businessman, Ted Wier and Lakewood Chamber President Linda Smith were some of the representatives that were in favor of the matter. At this time, Chiechi did not support it all but three years later he has now asked for limiting the number of scratch ticket machines. He has asked for the same, as he fears that gambling will expand in the coming years. However, the proponents still believe that slot machines are a game of skill.

Quebec Proposes Legislation

Quebec Proposes Legislation to Censor Online Gambling

The proposal of the Quebec government to pass a new law that will be used to block internet service has stirred the proverbial hornet’s nest in Canada. Lawmakers are debating upon a new legislation that could, if passed, enable the government to prevent residents of Quebec from accessing certain websites that the government does not approve of. In a bid to garner support for the bill, the government has explained that it is needed to protect citizens from the negative impact of certain sites.

The new internet law will most likely be used to exercise control over which gambling sites residents of Quebec will be able to access. As a matter of fact, the government intends to protect the online businesses it runs by blocking access to privately run sites. While certain jurisdictions in Europe do have the same or similar laws, many people in Canada feel that the government id overreaching its mandate in this particular instance.

One of the reasons for the popularity of the internet, apart from the fast flow of information it offers, is that it offers the premise that there is practically no censorship of information on it. The concept of Net Neutrality is a very important one, although there have been many attempts to tamper with it. The term was coined by Prof. Tim Wu of Columbia University way back in 2003 and it requires all parties to give all data on the internet the same importance. In other words, there can be no space for restricting any type of data (official secrets as well as personal and financial data do not come under this) or changing varying fees based upon different factors.

Internet service providers are expected to follow net neutrality irrespective of the content, mode of communication or the platform used. The same applies to governments which have to respect the equality of all data passing through the internet. In other words, there is no space for government censorship on the internet, or even differential pricing based upon the content, user or even the equipment used to access the internet.

Many countries follow the principles of net neutrality in some form or the other and they have also put laws in place to ensure that they are followed. These laws vary from country to country but many of them contain a few provisions in various forms. These range from outlawing monopolistic practices such as blocking other service providers to the withholding of internet services for specific reasons. Companies providing internet services are also prevented from subsidizing internet use on web sites of their choice at the expense of others. All in all, net neutrality forms the workable basis for correct internet use in most parts of the world.

While most people will agree that the government should have the right to block websites that are criminal in nature, the majority consensus is that the government should not be bothering itself with telling people which gambling site to use as long as it is legal.

Wacky Waters Slot

New Game Alert – Wacky Waters Slot Machine From Playtech

Gambling games from Playtech are always something to look forward to because they combine cutting edge graphics with excellent gameplay and offer pretty good returns. We tried out one of the newest games from the company – it goes by the name Wacky Waters – and we feel that it is certainly an interesting one.

Fun Graphics

The Wacky Waters game has 5 reel and 25 paylines. The first thing that caught our attention was the simplicity of the game’s layout. It has an underwater theme and is quite naturally populated with a whole lot of undersea creatures including a blowfish called Albert, an octopus, a shark, a clown fish as well as starfish and prawns. The games bright blue screen attracts your attention immediately and you’ll definitely want to give it a try. As the name indicates, the game has a crazy theme and it promises to be a great deal of fun. The game’s 2D graphics are very well made and its bubble style font adds to the fun. Players will enjoy this game tremendously. It has to be admitted that the graphics can be termed childlike and that people who like sophisticated games might not find this one very appealing. However, this shouldn’t be a problem with most people who just want to have a great time gambling.

Big Jackpot

Most people choose slot games based upon the kind of money they can potentially win on them. Wacky Waters scores very high on this count since it gives you a maximum win of 225,000 credits. It goes without saying that the total amount you eventually win will depend on how much you wager. You’ll be happy to know that the game has plenty of wilds and other special features that give you plenty of opportunities to increase your win size.

Special Features

The Wacky Waters slot game has three special features in all. The first, Puffin’ Up, is centred around Albert The blowfish. He puffs up to a really big size and then explodes to give the player a certain number of wilds. The second feature is a game in which Albert gets trapped in a fisherman’s anchor and is looking for the right direction in which to swim. You can choose any particular direction, based upon which you will get plenty of free spins, extra wilds and path multipliers depending upon your luck. You will also enjoy a feature known as Cash Crab in which you will trigger scatters if three crabs appear on your screen; you will really enjoy this because of the chance of winning 100x your wager.

All in all, Wacky Waters is an extremely enjoyable game to play and most people will enjoy it very much. The game will be featured on a number of gambling sites since Palytech has a very good reputation in the industry. As a matter of fact, a great many people opt to play on casinos that feature Playtech games because of their consistently high quality and exciting features.

Online Gambling is Still Restricted

A Few Reasons Why Online Gambling is Still Restricted in Some States

It is not shocking to hear and believe that a couple of years back online gambling was actually referred to as a boon for the online casino industry. It was seen as a means of injecting income into people’s daily life especially in states such as New Jersey and Atlantic City. But surprisingly, most of the casinos closed with a year of opening in these states. The scenario now has completely changed, and it does not look good for these companies. Several forecasters have mentioned that success rates have been reduced to more than 50 per cent. Some of them even say 10 per cent, but something like this is hard to predict on the face of it. Moving on, what is not very difficult to understand is the fact that the industry is not showing good signs for survival. The industry was touted to be a 5 billion dollar enterprise which is now collapsing.

Here are some facts about online gambling in some states of the US:

  • Only in the initial 12 months of operating did New Jersey make a profit of $122 million, and have been in profit since 2013.
  • $1.4 million was earned by Delaware.
  • Online gambling has also helped Nevada. Furthermore, the legalisation of online gambling has brought in quite a good result in terms of money coming into the system.

Experts Predict Market to Grow and Expand

Casinos have taken the Internet with quite a storm, and will keep on going to in the years to come. The industry is only set to expand and not close down. Though one should not forget that initially the start of the online gaming industry was pretty dull and quite disappointing, as some would put it. The start wasn’t good for either sides; legislative or the legal sides. It was only gradually that the market started picking up. Furthermore, the biggest gambling site for poker, PokerStars, is all set to expand its operations in New Jersey. Poker is one of the most played games in the casino, and is extremely popular. Also the fact that sports betting and gambling is also extremely popular, other websites are also getting the impetus to invest more in the gambling market, which is quite stagnant in some states.

The change is good and one should be quite optimistic to believe that good things are going to come out of this. Logistical reasons have always played a major part in the downfall of the gambling industry. This is was especially obvious when it came to transactions being made on the websites of the online casinos. For example, paying through PayPal and MasterCard was a cause of major concern. Many people were not able to process the transactions and that created a problem. This problem has been fixed now, with the card companies making amendments in the way they functioned. The percentage of people now being able to make successful payments online has gone up to 62 per cent.


Quickspin Signs Content Deal With iForium

Swedish slot gaming software developer Quickspin has entered into an agreement with iForium in which the latter will launch the former’s entire collection of video slot titles on its Gameflex platform. iForium’s customers will be thrilled to have access to Quickspin’s library of content which is quite a large one and includes popular titles such as Genie’s Touch, Crystal Queen, Razortooth, and Second Strike, in addition to the hugely popular Tiki Island slot. Customers using the Gameflex platform will also be able to try their hands at The Wild Chase slot, which is due to be released soon. Interestingly, the new games will be available for play on the Gameflex platform as soon as they are launched. Furthermore, gamers will be able to play these games using their mobile devices and not just their desktops.

The deal makes a great deal of sense to iForium since customers of gaming sites are always on the lookout for new games. In fact, the gaming operator which is based in the Isle Of Man will also benefit from getting Quickspin’s highly regarded promotional tools such as Flexible Free Rounds and Feature Trigger. The gaming business is notoriously competitive and this tie up will help iForium retain its customers and monetize them better. Phil Parry, Iforium’s chief executive said that Quickspin’s games would go well with the other games in the iForium portfolio on account of their uniqueness.

Quickspin is equally delighted with the deal since it will provide a greater exposure to its games. The flexibility of Iforium’s Gameflex platform will ensure that gamers will enjoy the developer’s games to the maximum possible extent. Daniel Lindberg, chief executive of Quickspin said that the company would definitely benefit from getting a brand new audience for its games. In fact, the company has many more plans for the coming year, and there will be many more game launches to look forward to.

Quickspin games have developed quite an audience base on account of their unique features and attractive gameplay. Many of the games developed by the company have gone on to win awards and they are extremely successful at attracting and retaining customers. In fact, the company has quite a good reputation for releasing new games at a fast pace. The thrilling video slots games developed by this company can also be found on well known casinos such as Mr Green Casino, Fruity Casa Casino, and SlotsMillion Casino.

Since the integration involves the Gameflex platform, the entire process can be expected to take place without any delay or problems. This is indeed very important because interruptions in play can cause a gambling site to lose customers, sometimes for good, and it is something that no online gambling operator can risk.

Strategic tie-ups are very common in the gambling industry because online casino operators are always on the lookout for new games to offer their customers. The arrangement between Quickspin and iForium is just one of the latest in the business and it spells good news for customers because they enjoy the additional choices available to them.


Bitcasino.io All Set to Launch 120 New Gaming Titles

Bitcasino.io is widely known as the very first licensed and regulated Bitcoin-only casino. It is operated and owned by mBet Solutions NV, and is completely licensed by the Curacao government. It is the very famous sportsbook operator and casino gaming that allows transactions through Bitcoin only and no other methods. It simply means that you will first have to create your own Bitcoin wallet like Bitcoin Core or Multibit, Blockchain and Armory in order to purchase Bitcoin and get ready to play the game.

It is true that right from its inception in the year 2014, the company has been making changes to its software platform and has been upgrading its site to offer a better gaming experience to all its fans. Since the company is adding new software, all the players can expect to have a much more thrilling experience at this very casino. The casino even has the AskGamblers Certificate of Trust, which shows its authenticity and reputation in the industry. The company has recently made it to the news with its declaration to add 120 new titles to its already existing portfolio of games.

The Addition of 120 New Titles

Bitcasino.io has made a perfect plan to integrate 120 HTML5 new gaming titles from its Pragmatic game library. Some of the titles that players will get an access to include Go Monkey, Lucky Dragons and Beowulf just to name a few. When it comes to Pragmatic Play, it has become the latest casino to become a part of this casino site. This site also features games from Microgaming, Betsoft and NetEnt. With this, the games from Pragmatic Play will also be available at Sportsbet.io, which is the sportsbook partner of Bitcasino.io.

A Variety of Games at Bitcasino.io

At present, the casino offers a selection of more than 800 High Definition games with a range of 3D games as well. Powered by the widely known software providers like Quickfire, Ezugi, Betsoft, Evolution, Gameart, Onetouch, Bet Games, Play’n Go, Asiagaming and Booming-Games, this casino has come a long way ahead in offering the most outstanding set of online slot games. Some of the slot titles that it offers precisely include Aztec Treasures, Safari Sam, Mad Scientist, Boomanji, Gladiator and Sushi Bar just to name a few out of many.

On the other hand, it has some top rated games also, which are preferred and played the most by the players. These include At the Movies, Madder Scientist, After Night Falls, Mr. Vegas and Under the Bed. Not only this, the casino also has a finest range of table games. If you love playing Roulette then you can try a variety of it including Common Draw Roulette, American Roulette and European Roulette. The Blackjack lovers can try their hands at Classic Blackjack and Mini Blackjack. The table games also include Top card trumps, Craps, Baccarat and others.

The Customer Support Service

Bitcasino.io believes in catering to the needs of the customers and solving their queries in the minimum possible time. It has a very dedicated team of experts that are ready to support the players at any point of time. At any time when you face any problem with any of the game or are unable to understand the terms and rules of the site, you can simply contact the customer support team.

The Bottom Line

Bitcasino.io has gained a very powerful customer base in a very minimum time by offering the highest variety of casino games to its players. With such a marvelous number of existing players already, it is sure that the introduction of 120 new slot titles will only make it more and more popular.


FortuneJack Offers Exciting and Fair Gambling Opportunities

People who enjoy online gambling are always on the lookout for a site that offers a wide range of exciting games in a safe and well-managed environment. As a matter of fact, people are very rightly so worried about falling victim to a scam that they look for websites that offer that highest levels of online security. FortuneJack is one of the best sites you could play on since it makes use of digital security to ensure the required security and fairness. It also offers a very wide range of games including live games; this is a great site for Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, and Texas Hold’em amongst many other games. This is a well-managed site and its promoters come with a lot of experience running land based and online gambling businesses.

Fairness Ensured Through Provably Fair System

The FortuneJack site scores higher than many other gambling sites on account of the high level of fairness with which the games are run. While you cannot expect to know the outcome of a game beforehand, the FortuneJack site gives you detailed information about each round after it has finished so that you can verify its fairness on your own. In fact, you will clearly see that the outcomes are completely based upon inputs from players. The website displays a private number that changes with each and every round of the game, and you can use it to verify the fairness of each round. It is also possible to verify the fairness of slots and keno instantly.

Attractively Low Stakes

The games offered on FortuneJack have extremely low stakes and this is another reason for the popularity of the site. While you should expect to lose a certain amount of money to the house, it helps to know that this is set at an attractively low level, thereby ensuring that your winnings can be maximized.

High Level of Safety

You will be happy to know that the money you deposit in your FortuneJack account will be handled well. The company has hired a leading online security provider to ensure that cybercriminals cannot access your money or personal information.

Cryptocurrencies Accepted for Convenient Gambling

Lots of people are using cryptocurrencies for online transfer of funds for a number of purposes including gambling. The site has a coin exchange service that acceps 10 different types of cryptocurrencies. While Bitcoin is no doubt the best known one, you could also use others such as Dogecoin, Peercoin, Dash, Reddcoin, and Litecoin, just to name a few. You can transfer funds very easily and affordably since the transfer fee is levied only on transactions larger than $200.

Excellent Customer Service

FortuneJack offers a very high level of customer service; you can get in touch with representatives of the site to get answers to all of your questions and solutions to your problems. You will also like the site’s loyalty programme that enables you to get maximum benefits from the money you spend gambling. All in all, FortuneJack is a great site to play on and you’ll enjoy gambling here.