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Where can I play Tiki Island Slot?

Tiki Island video slot is a highly popular online video slot, which is powered by Gamesys Group.  It has featured on their sites for many years and is now as popular as ever.  If you arelooking for a new site to sign up with, where you can play the game, then check out the following:

Bingo sites that offer Tiki Island slot

Heart Bingo – Deposit £10 Get £50

heart bingo banner
All new players get a 200% deposit bonus to play with when they sign up for free. If you deposit £10, then you will get £30 to play with.

A daily free game will give you the chance of getting free spins and winning.

Click Here to Claim Your 200% Welcome Bonus with Heart Bingo!

JackpotJoy – 250% Bonus When Depositing

jackpotjoy banner
JackpotJoy is Gamesys’ flagship bingo site.  If you refer the website to a friend and they sign up on it as well, then you are entitled to a bonus worth £20 absolutely free.

The VIP section gives you access to exciting prizes, birthday bonus and personal advice as well.

It has five reels and 20 pay lines. It is a non-progressive video slot, which gives you the chance to win a jackpot of 20,000 coins.

Click to Get 250% Free up to £250!

Starspins – 200% Welcome Bonus

starspins 728x90

Click to Get 250% Free up to £200!

More about Tiki Island Slot

It has symbols like the wild and scatter. The option of a bonus game as well as free spins is also available.

The betting range starts from 1p and goes up to $10. The Tiki Island video slot offers two modes: Expert and Regular. If you play in the expert mode, you’ll have access to certain advanced features!

The Adventurous Theme of Tiki Island Slot

Tiki Island video slot is developed by the Gamesys Group, one of the leading software providers in the industry.

The theme for the Tiki Island video slot is fun and quite exciting. The screen appears like one of the areas in the Pacific seas.

The scatter and the wild symbols also have good animation. All the buttons are in sync with the theme of the slot.

Getting Started with Tiki Island Slot

  • The first thing to decide in the Tiki Island video slot is the coin size. You can increase or decrease the coin size by the buttons available on the display screen.
  • If you want to add more coins or pay lines, hit Bet One.
  • If you want to activate all the pay lines, then select Bet Max.
  • You will be paid out using the Regular Payout Schedule.
  • The wild and scatter symbols will help you make winning combinations.

You can play the Tiki Island video slot at any one of these online casinos.

Stan James Casino

Stan James CasinoAll new players will get five free spins to play Tiki Island slot. Apart from normal video slots, you can also play premium and bonus slots.

There are regular promotions running throughout the week. If you play the bonus game, then on a deposit of £5, you get £10 to play with.

If you play certain games via mobile, you get cash back too. On Saturdays, you get a chance of winning up to 10 free spins.

Payment methods include PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, debit and credit cards and many more.

Wicked Jackpots

Wicked Jackpots CasinoFor first time players, a huge bonus of 350% awaits you.

They also offer jackpots that can go over £ 1 million.

In the VIP bonus zone, avail of special bonuses and free spins. There are three levels in the VIP section-Silver, Gold and Platinum. Depending on how often you play at Wicked Jackpots, your VIP level will increase automatically.

Payment options include Neteller, Skrill, debit and credit cards and much more.

Play Tiki Island Slot on the Best Bingo Sites!

If you really enjoy playing slots, then you should give Tiki Island slot game a try. This five reel and 20 pay line video slot game is one of the more impressive ones released by world-renowned developer and publisher Gamesys.

As the name indicates, it is themed around a South Sea Island. You’ll love the quality of its animation, which makes the game come alive on your screen.

There’s a good reason to play Tiki Island slot, apart from the obvious loads of fun it offers, and it is the main prize worth a whopping £100,000!

That’s not an inconsiderable amount at all, especially if you consider that it’s possible to win it by wagering a small amount of money.

Your starting wager on this slot game is 1p per pay line, but you can increase that up to £10 per pay line.

Of course, if you want to increase the chances of winning, then you need to activate more pay lines. There are a total of 20 in this slot game.

This game has plenty of extra features to keep you busy for a long time. You’ll love its Puffer Fish and Tiki Island Nuts bonus games because of the excitement they offer.

Of course, you’ll also love the extra money you can win if your bonus games are successful.

It is pretty easy to find a site that features the Tiki Island slot game.

In fact, any site that has Gamesys software is likely to have this game considering that lots of people love to play it.

Some of the most popular bingo sites that offer Tiki Island slot game have been mentioned below.

Sun Bingo

sun-bingoArguably one of the most popular bingo sites in the UK, Sun Bingo also has plenty of people coming in for its slot games.

The fantastic bonuses and promotions offered by this site are without doubt a major reason to play here.

The site offers a 300% welcome bonus up to a maximum limit of £300, and this is a great way to extend your playing time.

The site is also a very reliable one, as its many members will attest.

Heart Bingo

Heart BingoThis is another immensely popular site because it offers good promotions on a frequent basis. Its welcome bonus of 200% up to a limit of £200 is no doubt very good and it also offers a good customer referral programme.

The site has an impressive array of games to suit the needs of novices and experts alike.

You’ll definitely enjoy the experience of playing on this site and will want to come back for more.

Jackpotjoy Bingo

Jackpotjoy BingoIf you are eager to get a good starting bonus, then this is another very good site for you because of its 250% welcome bonus.

The bonuses and offers don’t stop there, however, because the site launches new promotions from time to time.

This is a very well-run and reliable site and you won’t have any issues with withdrawing your money subject to certain terms and conditions.

It is very important to find a good online casino where you can gamble without any interruptions.

You can then play these games from home whenever you please.


Free Market Online Casinos Gives PlayNow Tough Competition

PlayNow is an online casino that is jointly run by Manitoba and the British Council. When you log onto their website, you can neither figure out any details relating to banking or even about the payout percentages. Usually this information is presented on the homepage of any website as it is considered to be crucial. There are several factors that one needs to take into consideration before deciding upon a suitable online casino to play in. One of the most important and crucial aspects is the payout percentage, and should be available on the website of the online casino. The player should not have to find it on the website, rather it should be available freely and openly. One of the casinos that is amazing in this regard is the All Slots Casino, they make this information public on their homepage so that you can make your gaming decisions in a more orderly fashion.

Even if you post a query or complaint regarding the aspect that the payout percentage is not available, there is no response or even the urge to solve this issue. The fact that there is immense competition in the online gaming industry, one can clearly overlook these small details and switch to another website that is offering better services. Hence, when PlayNow did not really adhere to the standard to making their banking operations and other details available, it gave the wrong impression and over the period of time discourages people to play on the website.

Banking details

On further inspection, you will eventually find a link at the end of the website that says that all transactions that will happen on the website is safe and secure. Apart from this, there was basic information with respect to your privacy settings. These details were placed in a section called account security. There were some other points mentioned which made sense such as not opening suspicious emails and also having different passwords for all your accounts.

Is it really safe to gamble at PlayNow

PlayNow mostly encourages people to use debit and credit cards. Overall there is a lack of knowledge on the website so it might seem suspicious to many people. Depositing and withdrawing money is fairly simple but one does wonder if it will get lost in transit. On the contrary, a casino that follows a free market principle usually has more than 20 options to withdraw and deposit money. On the other hand, the casinos that are controlled and operated by the government usually offer a little less.

Well, if you are gambling from Manitoba or British Columbia, you have to take a note of the fact that the government can keep a track of your transactions. They can ascertain how much you have played with because of something called as the financial trail that traces how much has been spent from your credit or debit card.

Privacy should be the top most priority

In more and more regions, online gambling is receiving a lot of flak. Hence, when this happens external authorities try to intervene and make the functioning more complicated.

Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology Transforms Online Gambling Industry

The online gambling industry has proven to be extremely successful because gamers wholeheartedly embraced the idea of using the internet for gambling. While land based casinos no doubt retain their appeal based upon glitz, glamour and sociability, internet based casinos were able to attract large numbers of customers who preferred its convenience, usability and anonymity. However, this industry is undergoing a huge change at the present time on account of technological advances in the mobile industry. It is fair to say that mobile gaming is the biggest thing that the gambling industry has seen.

Internet based gambling is no doubt very convenient but the beauty of mobile gaming is that they can now gamble even when they are on the move. Gamblers can now play a few games or place a couple of bets when they are commuting to work or waiting at the dentist office!

Some online casinos have been quicker than others to identify this new trend in the industry and they have, in consequence, been able to reap major rewards. Only those casinos which invested in the right software to make their sites compatible with mobile devices were able to attract customers. It is interesting to note that even the leading online casinos did not pay much attention to mobile gaming and therefore did not have the right kind of platforms that would be geared to meet the changed demands of the industry.

Changing Needs Of The Online Gambling Industry

The shift in demand for mobile gaming from just online gaming means that companies have had to use new gaming platforms. The smaller screen size of mobile devices means that mobile gaming sites need to have homepages where information is easy to obtain. Furthermore, each game should load quickly and play without any interruptions. Players are quite capable of exiting a casino entirely if they feel that the site is not responsive enough.

Games Being Developed

The first gambling option to be made available on mobile devices was Bingo, perhaps on account of its relative simplicity, but this was quickly followed by slots and scratch offs. There hasn’t been much success at converting Poker to mobile devices because this is a very sophisticated game with many different components to be displayed on the small screen. Furthermore, younger players prefer to play games that have the features of video games.

Mobile games are primarily developed for Android and iOS since these are the leading operating systems worldwide for mobile phones. Today, companies that specialize in developing software for mobile devices have a head start over other companies since they find it easier to enter into strategic tie ups with online gambling sites. There is an immense amount of competition in this field and companies cannot afford to miss out on opportunities to increase their market share.

It is safe to say that mobile gaming will completely dominate the gambling industry within a very short time. Therefore, one gets to see an ever increasing number of sites making the change.

PokerStars US Operations

PokerStars Launches its US Operations in New Jersey

PokerStars, the largest online poker business in the world, has recently launched operations in the United States by starting with the state of New Jersey. Its new enterprise is in collaboration with Resorts Casino Hotel since the law requires a tie up with an existing land based gambling operation from the state. The company began operations last Monday, subsequent to a testing period by New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement that lasted five days.

The arrival of PokerStars to US shores has been greeted with a great deal of enthusiasm since it has immense potential for growth. The company is not a stranger to the US gambling industry and had operated there until 2011 when the government cracked down on online gambling operations that were illegal at the time. In fact, the Poker industry in the United States still knows the event as Black Friday.

While the launch of PokerStars operations in New Jersey is indeed great news, it has to be noted that only those people who are located within the borders of the state at the time of playing online will be permitted to do so. Needless to say, this will disappoint the large poker playing community in the United States.

Three states in the US permit online gambling at present. They are Nevada and Delaware in addition to New Jersey. The internet gambling business in New Jersey is far bigger than the other two, but the available capacity is far outstripped by the demand. As a matter of fact, it is necessary for the market to cover other jurisdictions for it to become large enough to prosper. As of now, gambling businesses in New Jersey have been trying to work out reciprocal contracts with those in the other two states in order to be able to offer the kinds of prize pools that customers find enticing. Unfortunately, the state hasn’t made much headway when it comes to this issue and this doesn’t bode well for its long term prospects.

The internet gambling industry in New Jersey is now worth $149 million which represents a very satisfactory 21% increase over the previous year. The entry of PokerStars will definitely impact the industry in a positive manner since this is a well established business with an enormous customer base.

Eric Hollreiser, a representative of PokerStars, told the media that the company was very happy to be part of the growing online gambling business in New Jersey. In fact, the Garden State has been on the company’s radar for a long time now. It tried to get licensed in the state twice earlier but got entangled in a few legal problems concerning the acceptance of bets from Americans who were not permitted to gamble online at that time. PokerStars is now owned by internet gaming giant Amaya, and the company executives who were involved with its legal troubles have stepped down. Furthermore, the company paid $547 million in fines to the Department of Justice as part of this legal issue.

Online Sports Betting

Data on Online Sports Betting More Accessible

Online sports betting has many followers all over the world, and especially amongst sports fans. This is a great way for fans to follow the successes of their favourite teams or athletes and perhaps even make a bit of money in the process. There is no doubt a great deal of fun to be had this way, but it should also be pointed out that online sports gambling can be an expensive proposition when losses mount. As a matter of fact, the average gambler tends to get discouraged very fast if he accumulates many losses. Thankfully, there is now a method that enables a punter to have a lot more success when doing sports betting.

There is more to being successful at sports betting than just having plain luck. The right information goes a long way to ensuring that the bets are successful. Moreover, the information should be available promptly and not just be accurate. The US based sports prediction platform FansUnite has offered a brand new resource that can take away much of the uncertainty associated with sports wagering. This new interface has been released to a global audience and it has resulted in a great deal of excitement in the sports betting industry since it has the potential to reduce the frustration that sports betting sometimes causes.

The FansUnite PickTracker seems to be a very effective tool that can help punters make profitable bets. Gamblers will get very useful information on the best leagues and sports teams to focus on, and also which ones are cost effective and which ones are too expensive to bet on. Furthermore, the tool makes use of the gambler’s own betting patterns to provide inputs about the most profitable wagering choices; the individual punters’ wagering history is used to determine his strengths and weaknesses and therefore the best plan of action. Furthermore, the betting interface collects a number of handicapper’s picks and collates them to arrive at the best number. It is sure to appeal to customers thanks to its social feel.

FansUnite CEO Darius Eghdami said that the FansUnite PickTracker was created out of a desire to offer customers a product that would be of great use to them. The team that worked on the product collected a lot of feedback from online sports gamblers in order to understand exactly what their expectations were. The product promises to be very successful since it brings a high degree of transparency to the gambling process while also giving individual punters high quality information that helps them to make the same kind of bets as traders.

There are no doubt many companies in the sports wagering industry but FansUnite has what it takes to stand out in the crowd. This start-up company promises to improve the individual wagering experience by increasing the chances of winning and reducing the financial risk to a very great extent. Punters of varying experience levels can benefit from this product very much and its popularity shouldn’t come as a major surprise.

Intertain Group Limited

Gambling Company, Intertain Online Mulls Takeover Bid

Competition is always good for customers but companies have a very tough time dealing with it because it invariably involves increased costs and lower profits. The online gambling industry is a very competitive one and companies find it very difficult to stay afloat, leave along show the required rate of growth that their shareholders are expecting. Many gambling companies go down the route of mergers and acquisitions to fuel their growth. However, this is also a very risky route because of the immense costs involved. The gambling industry is replete with stories of mega mergers and takeovers that result in the formation of gigantic entities.

Like many other companies in the gambling industry, Intertain Group Limited has also taken part in many mergers and acquisitions in order to establish itself at the head of the pack of online gaming businesses. The Canadian firm, which is a well-established operator in the industry and provides a wide range of gambling related entertainment to customers located all over the world is also doing the same thing.

Intertain was founded by former Amaya executives who clearly decided to follow the bigger company’s playbook. It started off its campaign to expand itself in 2014 when it purchased the InterCasino brands from fellow Canadian gaming company Amaya Inc and it has followed this aggressive path in many other instances. The company followed up the InterCasino deal with the acquisition of Mandalay Media Group which is the owner of many popular bingo websites in the United Kingdom. Next came the acquisition of global online casino Vera & John that owns three major brands, Vera & John, Vera & John Social and Vera & Juan. Intertain rounded off its portfolio by purchasing three mega B2C brands from industry giant Gamesys Ltd in a deal worth £425.8 million. These brands were Botemania, Jackpotjoy and Starspins and they gave the company an edge in the highly competitive and lucrative UK gambling market.

Intertrain’s has had a mixed year in 2015 as its reported figures indicate. The company showed a robust increase in revenues for 2015 but this came at very high costs so much so that it made a loss of CND $134.4 million for Q4 and of CND $227 million for the entire year. These figured are indeed capable of rattling shareholders but the company has disclosed that it has received many takeover bids. As a matter of fact, the company’s share price jumped by a fifth upon its release of a statement to this effect.

Intertain’s CEO John Kennedy Fitzgerald who is expected to step down very soon said that the company’s steady growth across various segments indicated that it had a very strong customer base. As a matter of fact, the company expects to do very good business in 2016 and is looking at revenues approaching a very respectable figure of CND $500 million. The company is also seeing a shakeup of its senior management and might have to undergo complete restructuring in order help it continue performing up to shareholder expectations.

Slot Machines Company Continues Expansion Into Newly Regulated Markets

scientific games logoThe US gaming provider Scientific Games has announced that their recent incursion into online gambling in Romania is part of a broader strategy to enter all newly regulated markets, with forays into Italy and Portugal also on their agenda.

Speaking of their move into Romania, SG confirmed that is now has gaming content in the country courtesy of licensed operators including Betfair, bwin, Unibet and 888.  It will continue its development of casino slot machines and software.

Among the titles which are now live in the European country are Raging Rhino, SpartacusGladiator of Rome and Zeus III.

Comment From Scientific Games

Mr Bob Hays, who acts in the role of Vice President of Commercial, Interactive, spoke of the excitement SG felt at entering new gaming markets, and his belief that there content is both strong and suitable for European audiences.

Mr Hays also mentioned the importance of teaming up with established and well known operators in these newly regulated markets in what he describes as a win/win for everyone

BetVictor Launches New Personalised Tiki Island App

betvictorThe Gibraltar based gaming operator BetVictor has just launched a new live horseracing app which it believes will offer fans of the sport of kings a far more personalised gambling experience.

Developed by the in-house team at BetVictor, the app goes by the name of BetFinder, and it utilises data provided by horse racing analysts Timeform to help its users personalise their search for information and related horseraces to potentially wager on – including Tiki Island slot.

Various filters and data can be applied within the app which will assist the search for various horse ratings; course and distance winners; most improved efforts; etc.

The new app has been delivered on BetVictor’s iOS and Android platforms and it will also be made available to desktop users from next month onwards.

Comment From BetVictor

Mr Eoin Ryan, who acts in the position of Head Of Sportsbook Product at BetVictor, believes the new BetFinder app will prove popular with the punters due to the ease that they can access their favourite types of information from the many races that may be taking place at any one time across the world.

Mr Ryan has also noted the importance of partnering with Timeform as users will be able to gain access to a vast amount of data that will help to propel their user experience forward, and Mr Ryan expects to receive positive customer feedback as the new app gains in use and popularity.

Try Free Slots at Online Casinos

In this era of gaming, people have become more inclined towards casino gambling due to its innumerable benefits. The foremost benefit is that the online casinos games provide a better chance of winning and let the players win millions in the minimum possible time. You just need to sit back and relax to try your luck at the online casinos. Just by pushing the spin button, you can start the game and see the reel spinning. Online games are very easy to play. The major attraction of online casinos is progressive jackpots and free fun slots. Progressive machines can make you a millionaire in just seconds while free slots can offer you an opportunity to try all the games without spending anything.

However, players must keep certain factors in mind before starting with an online game. Few casinos only waste the player’s money and hardly offer them anything. Thus, it is important to keep yourself away from such casinos and just look out for some genuine ones by doing your own internet research or taking references from your family and friends.

Losing and Winning in Online Casino Gambling

If you are the one who loves taking risk, then casino gambling is the best option. It is all about winning and losing money. As a player, you are required to bet your money and keep your mind prepared for hits and miss of money. Casino gambling has become popular among the players due to its various features like simplicity, affordability and easy-to-play. Since people are busy in their hectic schedules and engrossed in their lifestyles, the casinos have come over the internet. With the advent of technology, the casino gambling has come online with the emergence of innumerable online casinos.

Yes, now you do not have to travel all across to the land-based casinos just to play your favorite slots. You can just browse through the internet and get hold of one authentic casino that offers the largest variety of casino games including Double Bubble, Zuma, Wizard of Oz, Dracula slot and various other slots. Tiki Island has gained much attention due to interesting scatter and bonus symbols that can make you win thousands. The best part is that all these games are very compatible with different operating systems including Windows XP, Linux, Mac and others.

Playing Free Fun Slot Games

If you are planning to try out some slot games just for entertainment purpose then you can go for free fun slots. Various web portals offer the option of free online casino games, which you can play and feel the ultimate excitement. You can try all those poker, roulette, blackjack, craps and other games without spending even a single dollar. In addition to this, the experts of the casino gambling suggest that players must go through the rules, regulations, terms and conditions of the game and casino that you are starting with. With this, it is essential to acquire knowledge about the bonus deals, promotions, offers and other jackpots that the casino is offering. Thus, get on with the best slot games now!

Winning at Online Slot Games

Winning at Online Slot Games Can be Quite Exciting!

The exciting world of online slots has a lot to offer. With exciting promotions and bumper jackpots, it is a crazy world where millions of people wager each day. Tiki Island slot game promises great first-time deposit bonus and amazing promotions. You should try it out today and experience the various offers on sale. Progressive jackpots offer massive jackpots that will blow your mind away. But, professional players have a strategy to go about playing these games. They do not just wager and see if they are lucky. They consider certain things and make sure that they carry on their certain rules for a long period of time for something meaningful to come out of it.

Here are some guidelines to help you navigate from the sea of online slots to the shore.

Have a good understanding of the pay table

You need to grasp the basics of the game and understand the various ways in which the pay table works. If you are playing on a progressive jackpot, then you should know that this kind of slot machines takes out a certain amount of the portion from each and every stake that is played. The amount is accumulated over a period of time, and given out if someone plays the maximum number of coins. Hence, if you want to win the progressive jackpots, you have to bet max. But, let’s be realistic. Not everyone can play such high stakes. If you fall under this category, choose a slot machine that has lower stakes. There is plenty for everyone out there. Many people believe that choosing maximum is always a great strategy.

Read the payouts on the machine before playing

Playing on a cold machine is pointless and many people fall into the same trap. Some people think that maybe continuing to play on the same slot machine will eventually get them a jackpot. Honestly, you cannot prove this by any means. All the slot machine has a random number generator which picks out symbols at random. Anyhow, a machine that has paid out a jackpot recently might also give a jackpot the next day and a machine which hasn’t, may not ever. These are some things which have a lot to do with luck. Many gamblers and professional players find it difficult to accept this scenario. They firmly believe that they will try for ten times and finally then they will start winning. This is a myth that has no base or scientific explanation.

Manage you time and money

Apart from the above mentioned guidelines, there are two factors that assume a lot of importance in the life of a professional casino player. One is time management and the other is money strategy. In both, it is important to set limits. If you play without any boundaries, you might just end up with no money and lots of free time at hand since you used to spend all of it playing slots, and now you can’t.

Learn Ways of Playing

Learn Ways of Playing and Winning at Slot Games Online

While planning to enjoy the online slots, you need to think of the proper procedure of it. It simply means that you are required to look out for a nice online casino, become a part of it, open your personal account and then start playing the games. It involves a proper system, which is discussed further in this article. Once you have followed it, you can enjoy the world of betting and winning.

Getting Started with Online Casino Gaming

If you wish to get started with online casino gaming then you will have to hunt for an authentic gaming website first. For this, you need to do your own research on the internet and shortlist the casinos that have good reputation in the gambling industry. You can pick out the best on the basis of their features, past records and certification. The casino must be certified from the state in which it is operating and must have clean records in the past. If any casino is in news due to some frauds then never ever sign up at it. In fact, you can go through the reviews or testimonials of the players who have already played with that casino or are still a member of it. After you have shortlisted and found the most genuine one, you can simply fill in the registration form and become a member of it.

Becoming a Member of Online Casino

After you have created your personal account on any particular gaming website, you can then start playing the slots by logging in. All those players who want to play for real money can then make a deposit into the casino’s bank account. However, you are advised to always test the games before actually spending your money. Almost all the casinos offer free bonus after you have signed up to play the different slot games. The free trial can help you in analyzing different slot games and then playing your favorite slot for real cash. Therefore, you can first try out the free online slots without blocking your hard-earned money. If the slot does not fulfill your gaming expectations, you can simply quit playing it for real money.

A Variety of Slots

You can get hold of a variety of slots on the online casino sites. Some of them include Shifting Riches, Double Bubble, Dracula slot and many others. Tiki Island slot has become famous out of all due to amazing jackpot and bonus features. This slot has 5-reels, 20 pay lines and has around 37 winning combinations. Tiki nuts bonus and puffer fish bonus symbols are the major attraction of this game. Besides this, you can choose other slots also depending upon their winning probabilities and payout schedule. Make sure that you always got through the payout table, rules & regulations and other winning combinations before starting with any game.

Therefore, it is the time to look for one of the most reputed online casinos and become a member of it to have the finest gaming experience.